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    Hi paranoid, 1st of all, welcome back To get Overdrive, you have to be verified: Please post in this Topic your Oder Number.
  2. Thats why geeuk31
  3. Afaik it should be possible to install REX Essential OD over REX Essential without any uninstalling
  4. The Guys from fsbreak were also there to make a podcast, hopefully you can find it in some days here: http://www.fsbreak.net/
  5. cool - thanks Jay
  6. Ah ok :-) Time for a coffee or Beer
  7. What do you try to Download ? A new Linux distribution ? A Game on Steam ? And where do you try it ?
  8. Because the Support of Essentials without OD is atm. some work which have to do :-) And yes, i'm also waiting for Essential OD
  9. Have fun :-)
  10. You can download the Update here:
  11. Ok, just wondering - its bad to hear that
  12. Where is it ? While enjoying the sweet meeting in some minutes i would like to use the REX Forums Chat - but where is it ?
  13. A bit to late to get some ppl. together - but TS3 have problems with many connections (my personal exp.). Anyway, i'm in and waiting for the Event
  14. Hi, no REX - no Support. Sorry to be hard, but our lovely Team have "real" customers which paied for REX Support €dith: Never mind, Peter was to fast for me
  15. ACTIVE

    WAit a few days, Delete it, and install Essentials :-D +1