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  1. Hi, no - and it sounds like it never will be (as a 'known' issue), though some people (in various forums) say they have never had this problem, so I don't know what to make of it.
  2. If there's a magic fix, you'll be the first to know! :-)
  3. Some people say they have never had this particular problem, so where it stems from, I have no idea. Settings like cloud draw distance (I have mine at 30 miles to avoid 'flashing' clouds) don't have any effect on the way the cirrus clouds can be cut off in this way. I think some softer cirrus bitmaps minimise the issue (probably just make it less visible) - maybe it's not impossible for REX to create a set that is immune to this problem! (Or maybe not!!). meanwhile I can just keep experimenting with different cirrus bmps to see which works best, REX or otherwise. Thanks.
  4. This is a long-standing issue and I wonder if anyone at REX has any bright ideas. For years, I have had to put up with the problem of cirrus clouds having a horizontal cutoff line, as in the screenshot. This line moves up or down as you pan. It doesn't affect all the cirrus in the sky at any one time, but it is very evident whe n you pan and so very annoying. Plenty of others (AVSIM, Flightsim.com etc.) report this issue, so it's not peculiar to my FS9 setup. I have made countless changes to cloud draw distance, sight distance, FSUIPC and so on and so forth, but nothing has helped. I really think that I must have experimented with every possible permutation in the FS9 display settings, so I don't think the solution (if there is one) lies there. I have also tried using different cloud texture sets, and at first I thought softer had solved the issue - but it didn't seem to last long, the horizontal cutoff comes back after a couple of flights. The only thing I can do is to use FS9's weather options to remove cirrus clouds altogether, which seems a pity. Any suggestions welcome... I haven't had any luck over the years with other posts on this subject, but maybe this one.... Thanks.
  5. Hi. Sorry! I don't seem to be getting notifications from REX to posts made here, even though I am subscribed to a topic. I don't have a 'SPAM' folder per se.. I did get a notification for your last post though, so I am not sure what is going on with my PC...Well, no matter. I haven't really got any further because for various reasons I no longer use REX as a weather engine, just for the clouds and graphics. However, I did redownload the setup file from SimMarket, but it was an older version than the one I got through the link you sent me via email on 3/3/17 (Rexgamestudios.zendesk....), so I didn't install, already having the latest version. I was still getting the error logs as I described. Thanks for following this up!
  6. I can't find where I said that, but no matter Yes, I did update, as per your instructions a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should uninstall and reinstall? What's the recommended way? Thanks.
  7. OK, thanks. I am afraid that after some hours of experimenting I have had to abandon using REX for real-time weather as I can't find a way to eradicate FS9's flickering clouds with the available options. I have gone back to AS6.5, even though it no longer functions for real-time updates: I can set the AS options to get rid of this problem, at least 99% of the time. I am using REX Soft Clouds for textures though.
  8. Sorry, where did I say that? The answer would be no, anyway. Thanks.
  9. I am afraid that hasn't helped at all Same banks of flickering, 'now-you-see-me-now-you-don't' clouds! I have tried changing settings in the FS9 World/Weather, too: for instance clearing clouds in User-Defined weather and then putting the slider back to 'Broken', or whatever, but still the same clouds appearing and disappearing - it really is as bad as I have ever had it. It's obviously not a REX issue per se, I get this without loading up any weather engines at all. But with AS6.5 my settings tended to hide this problem, whilst producing good-looking clouds. I can't get REX to do this. I tried running AS6.5, with no update options, as well as REX, but no luck. I'll keep experimenting and post back with anything positive, but if anyone has any other ideas.... (I made a video of the issue, which I could upload, but I guess everyone is very well aware already of what the problem is!), M.
  10. Hi. It is 1.10.2016.0826. A bit more info: The error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." is generated every time I double-click REX.exe. (I run the programme 'as administrator'). The error "The URL cannot be empty." is generated when I click 'Submit' after adding the airport ICAO to the airport code box in the weather tab. Thanks, M.
  11. Hi, Just noticed that my error log folder is filling up with error txt files; about 70 from the past week. Maybe someone would be kind enough to help fix whatever is causing them? The most common - there are dozens that say the same thing is this: ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: ucMainTheme.loadImage Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This is the next most frequent: ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: ucWeatherDetail.loadTaf Error: The URL cannot be empty. Parameter name: url There are also these, less frequently: ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: ucWeatherDetail.loadPireps Error: Cannot perform '>=' operation on System.String and System.Int32. ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: frmRexWx2.loadWeatherData Error: DataTable must be set prior to using DataView. Am I doing something wrong? I start REX 2004, enter the ICAO code and click 'Submit'. Then I start FS9. When FS9 has loaded, I also fire up rexwxengine2.exe, which loads the weather into the sim... Apologies if the errors are all being generated by my mistakes in setting up the software each time! Thanks. Martin
  12. Thanks - I have been tweaking this for literally years - but not sure if I ever tried the settings as recommended in your link. I don't know how to set Sight Distance to 50ml - the minimum in FS9 is 60mls, maybe just a small error from the poster: I have set sight to 60mls and the cloud draw distance to 80mls, so as to have the 20mls difference mentioned. May try sight at 70mls later... I have also used FSUIPC to set max visibilty to 59 miles, as suggested by Jim Korna (usually the guru in such matters) here: http://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/190832-trying-to-get-a-handle-on-as-and-fs9-wx-settings/ I'll see how those settings go. Thanks again for the reply.
  13. I used to use AS6.5 for weather in FS9, but since the servers no longer give current wx info, I recently went back to using REX (with pleasure!). I used to get banks of clouds which flickered, and which appeared/disappeared as I panned in spot view, but that was improved, if not 100% fixed, by restricting cloud draw to 30nm. Now that I am using REX again, I can get the same problem and would obviously like to fix it. The changing of the cloud draw distance doesn't seem to help much with REX. I have tweaked various display/weather settings without being able to get rid of the flicker etc. Anything more I can do about this? Where are these clouds coming from? Maybe I can change settings in REX somewhere, or FSUIPC? Thanks, Martin
  14. Hi. Bit confused... I already have REX2004+Overdrive. Is this different in some way? Thanks.
  15. I've been abroad for some years and rather lost touch with REX, in spite of getting emails from you from time to time. I am wondering if REX Essentials for FS2004 is ever appearing. Please see a previous post: It must have been abandoned now, surely, unless it's been issued and I can't find it? Also wondering what the 'something special for FS9' is you mentioned there. Probably that's old hat by now! :-) Apologies.... Thanks. Martin
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