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  1. Thanks for trying anyway, I will still buy REX 4 Texture just not from SimMarket, looks the FSS gets my money from now on!
  2. I purchased REX + OD and got the Essentials upgrade, does this mean I am not eligible? on my purchase orders page it says REX + OD customers to become REX ESS + OD I will take a snapshot and post below....
  3. Thanks Tim, I have all the personal correspondences between myself and SimMarket's ticket support team if you would like to review them. Once again thanks for taking the time especially during the holiday season to find a solution, it means a lot! I look forward to throwing more of my money at REX (again)
  4. Hello Tim Fuchs & Team, first off Happy Holidays, and now down to business.... As you can tell from my signature I have purchased REX + Overdrive for FSX from SimMarket, I logged into my account, checked and double checked that I purchased REX + OD on that account and I was still not getting the discount. I sent in a trouble ticket and they are stating since I got Essentials + Overdrive as a REX OD FSX product upgrade I do not qualify for the discount, is this correct or is SimMarket attempting to scam me? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks RSTough, I will see if this helps alleviate the issue
  6. So no one knows if the new Service Pack has fixed the wind smoothing at refresh times?
  7. Hello Timest999 and REX Team, I have been a member here and a product user for some time, always loved the textures REX gave me and ESS+OD is excellent (I have some screenshots below for ya), I recently bought some other airport enhancement programs and I managed to get some pretty impressive results, however this is not what this post is about. I recently updated with no trouble at all to the Service Pack 2 version of ESS+OD, I have been waiting for some time for the smoothing with winds causing my aircraft to overspeed and crash after an injection cycle. Other than this issue REX has always provided a faily decent weather system, I am wondering if this recent update as gotten rid of this old problem as there are 3 other programs now that seem to have fixed this issue. Perhaps I am not setting up my weather parameters correctly and if thats the case, does anyone here have setting suggestions? PICTURES, ENJOY!!! Carenado King Air using B200 REX+ESS OD (No SP) /w weather injection with GEX 1.096 and UTX 1.0b USA Same as above, on final approach.... Default Hand Modified 737-800 /w REX ESS +OD (SP1) using weather injection, same as above picture.... same as above picture.... same as above picture...... same as above picture.....
  8. I have been through the manual about 4 times now, pretty good at explaining what does what, however my question boils on down to 1 big problem that has plagues REX's weather engine since FS2004, wind shifts during injection that cause aircraft to move violently and overspeed/overstress. What I have found in the ESS + OD settings are 2 check boxes on different pages that turn one another off when clicked, so....... To help eliminate these drastic wind shifts which is better to use? Micro Weather Interpolation or Real Weather Wind Smoothing With Micro Weather I have to turn off the WX Plus but I get a few more options, if you prefer the Plus or Standard please let me know and why. I just want some great looking accurately represented weather with no drastic game killing weather shifts. Thanks in advance. Addendum: What are the exact areas of coverage for weather surface regions?
  9. This is not the correct forum for support (General Discussion), your thread will likely be moved to the appropriate forum section, if your order number checks out and you receive support it would also be helpful for you to post your system specifications in your signature as well. Best of luck to you in resolving your issue.
  10. FS Passengers uses a set of options that you can turn on and off in game and in detail in a text file, I have Overspeed turned off for now, however it is still annoying to deal with in mid flight. So to break down the second part, IF you own a LICENCED COPY of FSUIPC click the FSUIPC boxes in the REX Configuration Menu, correct?
  11. This question seems to have eluded me, in the REX options, it says Enable REX "" FSUIPC Settings, should i have them checked if I own a licensed copy of FSUIPC and want smoothing? And if so will I have to remember my current settings or will they be overwritten, it seems that even "snapshot" weather that updates every 300nm still makes me overspeed and I get penalized for that in FS Passengers.
  12. NOT RESOLVED... but..... I am using Archived weather that I "Snapshot" just before a flight and use that, it seems to be working for now, its better than nothing and still better than default FS9, hopefully this will be resolved with essentials.
  13. It seems that this is a pretty complex problem if 2 dev's have to dig for an answer, thing is after some research i have found on sites like AVSIM and FLIGHTSIM some people that report this problem like I am after getting REX and FSUIPC Registered
  14. I have tried at FL250 (25,000ft) FL280, FL300, FL330, and FL350, not much changes below Transition Altitude (USA set 18,000ft), and its occurrence is every time that REX reloads the weather, be that if its a manual re-load or a NM distance load, its random if I gain IAS or lose, I can refresh every 15 seconds and my IAS will still go nuts on me.
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