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  1. I was looking for another post, but couldn't find it much appreciated for the link/help. I'm kinda surprised only SOME of the lights were replaced, wished LM would stop breaking things.
  2. I don't know who's issue this is, but I'll start here and I know this isn't directly a REX TD issue and I'll work my way backwards, but the reason to start here is twofold: I liked set 12 "Experimental" its the brightest option there is, I tried this option in FSX:SE and it works GRRREAT! Love it! However in P3Dv4, I was disappointed only to see that taxiway lighting and VASI/PAPI lights were only affected and runway edge lighting (including the red/green end lights) remain somewhat unchanged. Here's why "somewhat" as I said, taxiway and PAPI lights were replaced but not the runway edge/end lights with one exception, the white edge lights change as I move down the runway, so its as if the sim is loading two runway light textures??? The other issue not related to TD is that the white runway edge lights are "floating" a little, not too high up but you can definitely tell they're not on the ground. I know this is not a REX Texture Direct issue because this has been happening before I installed REX TD and I was kinda hoping to ignore it if TD would have just replaced all the textures as required. I have Chris Bell's Black Marble night lighting installed and I know this isn't supposed to affect runway lights but I'll be looking into that (not sure how yet) and then before that I have FTX Orbx; I can't remember if I saw this behavior when FTX was installed or after Black Marble was installed; the reason I'm mentioning this is because maybe there's a possibility one of these addons is causing an issue? I'd hate to have to uninstall, these aren't a simple uninstall and I'm hoping maybe there's a scenery library item I can move to fix runway lights? (I checked this and I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary that would indicate this being a problem). Thanks for the help
  3. Ok, it works now; before it would only give me one choice and say I needed to initiate random texture theme first then it would let me but it never did so no big deal now I know what to do for next time ^^ Thanks!
  4. I liked that feature where I could look up flights from a city or between a city pair, etc in the flight center area of REX Today I went to go do just that in REX and the first thing it says: you must create random textures first so I had to enter my departure, and the type of weather, etc and I still can't search for these flightaware flights now... I gave my credit card info and all that inside REX and there's no mention of this not being available anymore?
  5. Yes I have a registered FSUIPC for FS9 there were no internet hiccups... the fact this does this frequently tells me I'm not going to use REX I have tested/tried out 3 other weather programs for FS9 they all seem to be able to do it without problems. I don't think there's a problem with my hardware
  6. this happens on almost every flight, I thought it was due to internet (per my last post about WASys) so I'll summarize my findings 1. The first trouble with WASys it said I needed internet when I was indeed connected 2. WASys kept force closing and this was due to my internet dropping out 3. since the events of #2 it has been force closing and I get a black/blank WASys screen and it usually happens halfway through the flight or 1/4 through and a full restart is required to resolve this problem. In my last thread about WASy as point #2 you asked me what version of FSUIPC I have and that would be 3.99g I noticed that every injection ithe changes aren't gradual and smooth and the plane jumps all over the place, tonight I lost more than 50kts when that happened so I'm not sure if that's real life normal stuff
  7. this is resolved this time my internet dropped out without me knowing, there was no indication it did so and had to do a full restart to regain internet access but it would be nice if the program wouldn't crash (leaving me guessing)
  8. Ok my tolerance is starting to wear off... now I have a delima its not telling me I don't have an internet connection but it will tell me that the program is unresponsive and gives me a choice to restart it, close, etc. I see I am NOT the only one having problems with this and I have to be a bit frank here, it needs WORK 1. it doesn't inject weather smoothly as it could (yes I understand some brief rapid change may occur here and there). I have mine set to update every 350nm and I've noticed that when flying I'll be over clouds then later I'll end up leaving the field of clouds which tells me the weather hasn't updated because it should DO SO before I reach the "end" (and blend in!) 2. I noticed that when WASys has trouble it'll try (or load a few stations) then it will go to "sleep" and thenit sits there with a blank black screen and will either force close or it will cycle (if I'm lucky!) I am overall not satisfied with this product, the customer service has been exemplary so far.
  9. ah the changing of the water, there's a setting on how much waves you want in the scene/theme editor
  10. flashing? Sounds like you're in hypnosis! Yes you are right it does look a lot better looking down BTW after reading about how FS9 renders textures in one of the stickied thread (you should read it!) you WILL see funny reflections beyond the rendered boundaries and that's a limitation of FS9 but as far as the rendered scenery immediately around your aircraft, that shouldn't be a problem.
  11. I only saw the info about this subject on your stickied thread so I will check the manual sleep well
  12. I'm not trying to be rude, but I AM on the internet and this happened so hence the question or I wouldn't ask because I know that custom weather will be injected regardless if I give it that option.
  13. its back up, but I'd like to know for the future if it will still inject even without the mapping service?
  14. Alright that explains why I've been having trouble with WASys for almost two hours and it just now tells me this. So my question is, without the maps can/will WASys still inject weather into my FS9?
  15. I thought I would chime in and let you know I've been seeing some of these odd effects myself... not nearly as bad as shown but two things: (and I've resolved mine for the most part) 1. you need to set your water effects slider in FS9 (this is the FS9 section of the forums ) all the way to the right, that will enhance the textures AND waves. 2. I found that in full screen mode my sim stutters a bit but it renders it better there than it does in windowed mode now I have my water slider turned up all the way unless I'm in full screen and for the most part I don't fly in full screen on my laptop. I also have some questions about these textures so I'll post in a new thread Also in REX make sure you select the options for more waves (you can select glassy water too FYI) but as for the funny "resonating-look reflection" I've never seen that before, but as I said turn up your water slider and most of it goes away. so I hope that helps too
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