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  1. Even though I'm a verified member it seems I still need to do this again to get access to the REX SkyForce help section and that information has been added to my sig with the order number from fspilotshop thanks!
  2. I just added a 3rd order number, but I am unable to get a staff's attention that fspilotshop has an older version of the Latitude at the site and I can't update and from previous threads this was resolved by sending a newer version to the shop and I would redownload it. And while at it, can I get access to the Latitude support board? Thanks, I don't know where else I would have posted this so this is a good place as any?
  3. you don't think a 240mm fan is big enough? Unfortunately my Strike X ST case only has two fans, 1 240 and 1 140 it needs more but its going to have enough smaller fans, (two for the RAM) one for the CPU and one for each GPU and already have one in the PSU as well so one can't go wrong with all those fans.
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