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  1. just keeping u guys updated, everything works fine now. I now declare this resolved, Thanks for the assistance
  2. I have FS2004 rather and i have turned off the UAC in windows 7. Lets see how this goes. Will let u kow if this has been resolved, thanks for the promt assistance thus far
  3. No i am running REX with UAC enabled I do right click and run as administrator Yes I have a firewall running its AVG 2011 and i havent physically gave REX any permissions
  4. I am enjoying it but please see my newest problem in overdrive support forum.
  5. So i have encountered a new problem, while i am doing my long haul flight REX freezes completely and i get this error message below: REX WEATHER ENGINE FS2004-OVERDRIVE HAS STOPPED WORKING-A PROBLEM CAUSED THE PROGRAM TO STOP WORKING CORRECTLY. WINDOWS WILL CLOSE THE PROGRAM AND NOTIFY YOU IF A SOLUTION IS AVAILABLE. I have closed REX and restarted my computer and the same thing happens. Please help
  6. REX Greatest Weaher Engine Ever!!!!

  7. To those of you who are installing REX, may I say you wont regret it and you will never go back to ASE or AS9 ever again. From personal experience, when i first installed REX on my Windows 7 64bit system, I had Active Sky 6.5, Zinertec Ultimate Weather, Airport and Water FX installed. The result was sluggish response from REX. So before installing, delete from your program files and/or your root FS9 Directory:- AS 6.5 Zinertec Ultimate Weather FX Zinertec Ultimate Airport FX Zinertec Ultimate Water Once these are deleted, remove ALL related folders. Once this is done install REX and REX OD, give your computer a restart and your good to go. Please note Zinertec Night Environment works poses no conflict and can work alongside REX.
  8. I am happy to declare this issue resolved!
  9. I figured i placed this in the wrong place, thanks for moving it over to the right forum. I am happy to know i am up to date, thats a relief. Well I must say when I followed your instructions on installing the OD and after which the OD was installed the interface is reacting allot faster now...found that odd but i am not complaining and let me say i was amazed at the OD textures as well especially the OD runway choices, extraordinary!!! Well I am happy that I do not need to input no FP to keep the weather current, i found that when i fly the REX WAsys freezes not in functionality but in downloading the weather. To me this is minor. I figured as much when you say there is allot going on behind the scenes with the interface and to me its worth it. Thanks for your quick repsonse. GMJONES http://www.google.tt/url?source=imglanding&ct=img&q=http://www.saddingtonbaynes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Hummingbird-310x230.jpg&sa=X&ei=uEPdTtjYEImHgwegodylDw&ved=0CAsQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNHJ6dzI-eC-kBy_hKU6hteLLaq5xg
  10. Firstly let me say that REX is one of, if not THE best flight simulator enhancers on the market and it has certainly gave my FS2004 a big boost. Now I have ordered this on SIMMARKET yesterday and so far I am quite impressed. To me the software is a bit sluggish to act when building your own themes and so on and i hope this is normal. Now my major issue is-Is my REX software up to date since I am seeing many different service packs my version is 1.5.2010.1210. Let me know if i am totally up to date so that i can fly with out a worry. Secondly, I gave up my active sky software for this one which is far better than Active Sky 9 and ASE. I am accustomed to flying without the necessary input that REX needs such as flight plans ETC. Will REX continuously update the weather without a flight input into the software or do i need to do this to ensure smooth process? My sincere congratulations to all those who works hard to bring this software to those who use FS2004 who doesnt not have the system to run FSX. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your response Regards GMJones Simmarket #807805
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