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  1. Strangely enough, I discovered a half decent solution to this problem minutes after starting this thread! I needed to disable volumetric fog. The problem of stars shining through that haze layer still exists, but I guess we will probably never get a solution for that.
  2. This is an issue that I have always encountered in P3D/FSX, but I am not sure if it is related to REX products, or is a limitation of the simulator itself. In short, unless I select "Unlimited visibility", I see a "dark bar" on the horizon in the direction of the sun (most obviously at dawn and dusk). This is the atmospheric haze layer, but haze really does not look like this in the real world. In addition, I noted the other day that the sun was being dimmed by this haze layer (but obviously it was above the horizon), and yet I could see two stars right next to it!! Can anything be done about this without switching to "Unlimited visibility" mode (which is unrealistic, and does not look good with my photoscenery)?
  3. Sadly, neither of these two issues has been resolved.... * The giant Sun is now a tiny, misty shape that is hardly visible in a clear sky (see attached screenshot) * The framerate when looking at the REX water textures is still less than half that when looking towards land (UK VFR photographic scenery with ES Treescapes and other scenery enabled).
  4. I downloaded and installed the Service Pack 4 Beta 1 package last night, so I should be able to let you know very soon if the water framerate and giant Sun problems have been resolved. Stand by.....
  5. Has SP4 been released yet? I use SP3 without Overdrive. EDIT: I have just noticed that the version number stated in the VERSION.txt file is 3.0.2012.0416, but the REX.exe file is 3.4.2014.1126. Is the latter correct? It does not quite match the versions required to install the above beta version of SP4 (presumably because I do not have Overdrive installed), so is there another option available?
  6. I wasn't aware that the latest build of REX had been released? I thought that's what you were waiting for?
  7. Tim, I have just run a test in P3D v3.1, and I thought that you might want to know about it.... I had noticed what appeared to be slightly "jerky" framerates during a quick test flight from EGFA Aberporth (on the west coast of Wales), and it seemed to have something to do with the water. I noticed when I was panning the view from left to right in the VC that it was noticeably smoother when I was looking at land textures to my right, and slightly "jerky" when I looked to my left.....over the water. I started on the grass runway 04 at EGFA Aberporth in my A2A Simulations Piper Cherokee 180. My plane was pointing in the direction of the sea, but this was not visible due to the 300 feet elevation of the airfield. I had switched on FRAPS (because it is easier to see framerate changes in flight with this), and the framerate when standing still at idle was 70fps. When the sea textures became visible as I lifted off the ground, the framerate dropped steadily, and dramatically. It quickly fell to around 30fps, and this was with a roughly 50/50 split between water and land when viewed straight ahead. Here comes the interesting bit..... When I panned the view to the left (100% view of the sea), the framerate dropped to only 18fps. When I panned the view to the right (100% view of the land; photoscenery plus ES Treescapes), the framerate shot up to 66fps. This was with the REX Essential Plus SP3 textures installed. The same test conducted with default textures produced the following results..... 50/50 split between water and sea when viewed straight ahead - 54fps When I panned the view to the left (100% view of the sea), the framerate dropped to 48fps. When I panned the view to the right (100% view of the land; photoscenery plus ES Treescapes), the framerate increased to 65fps. Are you aware of this issue? I know that you are working on an update for P3D v3.1, so hopefully this will solve the "water framerate" problem on my PC with the REX textures installed.
  8. Thanks, Reed. The REX textures appear to be working now.
  9. This is a bit of a strange one. I updated the client software from 3.0 to 3.1, and REX Essential Plus appeared to be working OK. However, I reinstalled the backup textures to test the improvements to the water, and then installed the REX textures again when I had finished. Unfortunately, P3D v3.1 is no longer displaying the REX textures. Can anyone help me with this?
  10. I have just updated the P3D Client software from 3.0 to 3.1, and now my sun is gigantic. I note that there is a thread which explains how to correct this for P3D v2.5, but I do not seem to have a "suneffect.cfg" file in my main P3D folder. Can you let me know where this is in P3D v3.1, and if this solution is still valid?
  11. Thanks, Tim. I have seen some good wave animations on YouTube, so it must be possible!
  12. I will have a look for that file, and attach it as soon as I can. With respect to a reinstall, the water has been the same for me in P3D v2.4 and P3D v3, so I am not convinced that this suggestion will make any difference.
  13. The above suggestion did not change anything. I changed the settings and checked in P3D. I then deleted the existing shaders, and checked again (just to make sure that this was not a required procedure after changing the settings), but the water looked as dull and lifeless as it always has. Clearly the routine that activates the effects for this is not running properly on my PC.
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