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  1. Hi! Whilst I appreciate that averages aren't given in the RW (I have some RW flight docs, too ), for short to medium range flights I think many simmers use them as a shortcut, without also entering wind information at specific points. In my "Big Tutorial" for PS1 (published in 2000, I notice — how time flies!) I was dealing with the 744, of course, which usually means a long trip — so I stressed the point that entering winds for cruise waypoints in RTE DATA, as well as winds for the descent in DES FORECASTS, is a huge help in improving the accuracy of the FMC calculations, and indeed for medium to long range flights I always do this. For short flights where time is limited, however, I have to admit that I do sometimes enter just the average figure. It might, therefore, be a kindness if REX provided that information in the future? [Later edit: Not just for my benefit, I hasten to add!]. Like you, I utilise a number of other programs in my pre-flight routine, and it appears that our methodology is very similar. In my case — to be able to enter the cruise alt, for example, I need to have done the fuel planning; but that also means that I need to have entered the full route and weather details so that the FMC can calculate my ceiling for that flight. So I create my flight plan using FSC and save it for the NGX; then get my weather information which enables me to take a preliminary guess at the probable SID (and perhaps STAR, on a short hop) which I refine with the aid of Aivlasoft EFB. I then save a version of the flight plan with SID and STAR for use by Radar Contact. Having started fsx and entered the NGX cockpit I import the FSC saved route (i.e. without S&S) and then manually add to it the SID (and on short trips the STAR) depending on the weather (and hence the runway in use), adding the average winds at that point. I subsequently enter the cruise winds whilst in the climb, and the descent winds when nearing the TOD. Not sure what you meant about "Latitude", though? But thank you for the confirmation that the aircraft type is not relevant in this context — I was wondering how it could be! Many thanks indeed for answering my question. Cheers, Brian
  2. <grin> We seem to be following different logic paths here. Let me try to explain it to you a different way. I most frequently 'fly' the PMDG NGX (that, and the PMDG MD-11 and 744X are the only aircraft I ever fly). Whilst inputting data into the CDU I need to specify several things: * The average wind at my cruise altitude (CRZ WIND) * The outside temperature at my cruise altitude (T/C OAT) * Also, I need the wind speed and direction at my departure aerodrome (and the destination, if it is a short flight). I therefore need to be able to derive that information from my weather engine so that I can type it into the CDU a while later — i.e. some time after I have started fsx and done my cockpit prep, and I do all my flight planning before that. Once in the cockpit I regard it as cheating to switch windows to a program other than fsx. Could you please tell me how I can get the required information from RexE+, taking into account my choice of aircraft (if appropriate)? If stipulating the aircraft has no particular effect then that would be good to know — although I'm still left with the problem of where to get the average winds and temps aloft, for example? I hope this helps, Cheers, Brian [Later edit] If it helps, here is an extract from the flight planning page of one of your competitors. Please notice the last two lines. B.
  3. When doing my flight prep I always need to be able to specify both the aircraft I will be flying and also the route (which has already been planned using FSC, and saved to be imported as required). OK, I take flight prep more seriously than most simmers, but I should have thought that there are a lot of us out there who strive for as much authenticity as possible, and who therefore need to be able to stipulate both aircraft and route. I am therefore amazed (if I understand you correctly) that it is not possible to incorporate this using RexE+. Hence my original question. Kind regards, Brian
  4. Hmm, it appears that I was wrong, in that this is by no means a silly question. If there is no way to specify both the aircraft and the flight plan, then the product is useless to me. You said — Different in what way?Better still, could you please answer the question that I asked? — Contrary to the flag you have placed on this thread, that question has NOT been answered. Kind regards, Brian
  5. Hi! Apologies for this question, since I think it must be a silly one — I must surely be missing out an essential step somewhere. I always fly with real world weather, using a pre-prepared flight plan already saved to disk. But when I "Import" a flight plan, the resulting Flight Planner screen shows the Aircraft as blank — and at that point I can't find the screen from which to specify my aircraft. If, on the other hand, I fill out the aircraft details (+ departure, destination etc.) on "Create a Flight", it seems that I have then lost the ability to Import my flight plan. There has to be a way.... Could someone please let me know the precise sequence of steps which will enable me to specify both the flight plan and the aircraft? With thanks, Brian
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