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  1. jimhenn

    Earth wind Map

    Really nice and useful !!
  2. jimhenn

    Tour the USAF Museum in full HD

    Nice find Robert!!
  3. jimhenn

    Looking good on new tv

    Awesome, I want one!
  4. jimhenn

    Warrior flight around Sydney

    Great shots Misha! Love all the boats in the harbors. Great panel shot! Flight looks almost real!!
  5. jimhenn


    Congrats Tim, she's a cutey!
  6. jimhenn

    Did you miss me?

    I would have missed you Ebo, but I was not here much myself
  7. jimhenn

    REX Essential

    Reed MAY have been working too hard on Essential. MAY I have Essential?
  8. jimhenn

    REX Essential

    Ha Ha HAHAHA HaHa :D
  9. jimhenn

    Anybody using CoPilot Pro?

    I just did my first couple flights with it. It seem a little dated as software goes, but I like it for the price. I like the EZ-GPS that comes with it best. It has it's own autopilot and I have some planes that do not have an autopilot gauge such as the Luscombe X. It is easy to use and view your position, and where you are going.
  10. jimhenn

    Anybody using CoPilot Pro?

    Looks good to me, just ordered it and wiil try it out soon. Price is right!
  11. jimhenn

    are these specs good for fsx

    Depends on how much high quality scenery and addon aircraft you use, I have REX OD (Awesome weather), Orbix AU PNW CRM NRM PFJ NZSI, UTX USA, GEX North America, OZx and several commercial Addon aircraft and I run mine at all sliders to max with frames at unlimited, no FSX tweeks, and it flys pretty dang smooth! In high density cities like Seattle I may get less than 30 FPS average (don't even watch FPS anymore) but it still runs very smooth.My system is similar to your specs (I have only 8 Gig 1333Mhz memory and FSX doesn't use over 4 (about 3.5GB) and I don't really overclock. When you can run a 64bit Simulator (Maybe Prepar3d in the future) then 16GB memory will be more valuable. The video card is a key factor and a great one with 1.5 GB Memory. The Solid State Drive will also add to smoothness as loading the files will obviously be much faster. I don't even have one (Yet). My FSX is on a separate 7200 RPM Hard drive with 131,781 Files in 5,413 Folders. All in all a system with your specs should do it, and last you a long time. Addendum Note: Was just at Seattle Washington and Perth Western Australia and getting 11-12 FPS. Flying was good but noticeable stutters in these areas. Addendum 2 Note: I just overclocked my CPU from 3.5 to 3.9 Ghz and my GPU +20 MHZ and the best increase I got in FPS at Seattle was about +2 FPS