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  1. Your normal request for this option is to have it switched off if you're using another weather engine is it not? Graham
  2. So to answer my initial question fully, use automation mode and switch everything of except the lighting switch and perhaps the water. Thanks Graham
  3. If I use automatic mode it alters clouds doesn't it and the weather. I don't want it to alter the weather. I am happy with the weather as I said in my original post. I just want it to control the lighting but do I need to have any of the weather switches on or not as it implies it alters the lighting in respect of the weather. Graham
  4. Hi, I'm kind of a flick a switch kind of person automate everything. So I'm afraid the above didn't mean much at all sadly. In the simple mode which switches are on and off. I.E. I don't like tinkering much.
  5. I need only lighting shaders. I am happy with the weather and clouds from other addons I have which settings do I use. Thanks Graham
  6. Yes thanks for that. I've tried another set and they now work fine and I understand now what the problem was. My signature is now updated too. Please feel free to mark this solved. Thanks again. Graham
  7. Hi, I have the same problem as indicated in this thread:- http://forum.avsim.net/topic/462711-problem-with-landing-lights-ai-aircraft/ The problem lies with Halo.bmp file. Does Texture direct overwrite this file giving me the problem or could it be DX10 Fixer overwriting Texture directs file giving me this problem. Thanks Graham
  8. Lovely. That did the trick. Many thanks. Issue solved. REX - 801839
  9. Sorry about that. It wasn't obvious it was just Bristol on my first post as that's were I normally depart from. A visit to the UK2000 forums sorted it out. Issue solved thanks REX - 801839
  10. Hang on. It seems certain scenerys won't show damp. Bristol extreme for one. Any ideas ? REX - 801839
  11. No matter what I try I can't get the damp surface refraction option to apply. It always shows as flooded. Please please is there a manual way to achieve this. Graham REX - 801839
  12. It's quite an impressive sight but I'm finding the sun too big to be believable. Is there anyway to reduce its size. It's possibly the flare effect but I've tried a few different ones with little change. Thanks Graham REX - 801839
  13. Solved, I followed a tweak to keep core 1 for windows and run fsx on other 3 cores . . . .seems it doesn't like that. With all 4 cores running it runs smooth as anything even at highly dense scenery. I'm happy Graham REX - 801839
  14. No over clocking going on card or CPU. I have an i7 and more than happy with it. My frames rates are good but it just seems to have problems with lights. Even noticed it on outside view with the aircraft strobes. It will be something simple I'm sure. Will check your link. Thanks Graham REX - 801839
  15. Being new to fsx and REX for fsx I'm probably missing a setting somewhere. When I approach a busy airport ( scenery intensive ie aerosoft x series ) I sometimes get black squares on the scenery but more noticeably black boxes being drawn instead of approach lighting. I have a nvidia GeForce GTX 670 card. I'm not sure what settings I should really have for this card yet but can anyone tell me where I should start to get rid of this problem. Thanks. Graham REX - 801839
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