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  1. The issue is now resolved with an uninstall and reinstall of the WX Rdr. It is working correctly now.
  2. Hard to post a screen shot as it would just show the radar in one mode at 40 mile range and the next when i select WX/T it would revert to 5 mile range. I have sort of solved this by fully uninstalling and then reinstalling again and now i can change mode with no change of scale. Feel free t mark this as closed.
  3. I have just installed the latest update to the weather radar and it works well in P3D4.5 although i am experiencing one issue. Whenever i click on the mode selector to change modes ( from wx to wx/t for instance) the range scale goes back to 5 miles and i have to change it back to whatever i had it on previously. Has anyone else found this or is it purely my setup?
  4. Hey all, Quick update to say after a lightning strike and rebuilt computer this problem has gone away. Not really a recommended rectification process but it did work. Many thanks to Tim, Reed and the team for their persistence and attempts to sort the issue out. If I didn't know better I would suspect the strike was organised by the team to get my machine running smoothly again.
  5. I have done all of the above and still have the same issue of extremely slow response to configuration and then when I do get to the end offsetting it up REX 4 will either CTD or lose all configuration settings and require me to put them all in again. Just to ensure it was not my install file I downloaded a fresh version from FSS and installed in to the default location during setup. Thanks for the continuing assistance. zkiwi
  6. UAC Off Run as Admnistrator Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium 16 Gb Corsair RAM EVGA GTX 660ti 2 Gb DDR 5 Nil overclocking 2 x 500GB WD HDD ( C - 127GB Free D - 268 GB Free) REX not networked P3D V1.4.47470 and P3D v2.0 DSL Internet always on MS Security Essentials running MS Default firewall running D:\REX4\Texture Direct D:\P3D1 for P3D V1.4 and D:\P3D2 for P3D V2
  7. Thanks for the quick responses and update. For your info, I tried again and after 25 minutes had all settings saved only to have them disappear on me when I went to the textures bar to set my textures.
  8. Thanks, but I had tried that previously after reading another forum post with the same problem. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Texture direct and still have the same problem. I persevered with the slow update and updated all settings but then when I had finished and went to load textures it took me back to the red banner that comes up when you first log on and all my settings had disappeared.
  9. I have installed REX 4 Texture Direct and when I first log n I need to choose which simulator to load it in to etc. The problem is that Texture Direct is so slow in recognising when I have clicked on a sim and then to allow me to choose the folder it resides in that it comes up with not responding in the title bar. If I leave it for around 5 minutes it will eventually kick back to life but then when I try and make another change it again appears to hang for the same period of time. This cannot be normal. Any thoughts on how I could fix this?
  10. Did you extract all the files in the downloaded package to a temporary folder on your computer before running the .exe file? If you try to run the .exe from within the compressed package it will not work.
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