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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for the REX suite of programs. Although i have a somewhat older computer system than i would like and am in need of a replacement/upgrade REX Skyforce and Environment Force have created an environment that is as good as i could hope to have. The visuals are outstanding and the stress on my system is relatively minimal so I am able to fly smoothly with most of my addons and scenery enabled. I was using ASP4 as the weather engine but suffered through CTDs for no apparent reason, KernelBase.dll errors. On updating to P3D4.5 i tried a few flights in the US with Skyforce as the weather engine and suffered no CTDs or errors. On restarting to use ASP4 the crashes were back. Since i fly on Vatsim in Australia and New Zealand mostly i ended up reinstalling OPUSFSI as the weather engine to get the Vatsim derived weather and have not experienced a single crash to date. When flying outside the US i use EF, P3D and OpusFSI (loaded in that order). When flying in the US where NOAA data is plentiful i use EF, SF and P3D. These combinations work really well with accurate real world weather, great visuals and smooth flying. I now have a renewed passion for flight simulation.
  2. Verification please, Merry Xmas to all.
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