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  1. Do you use Dense Cirrus Overcast Layer" on "Cirrus Cloud Control"? It is a known fps killer.
  2. So if receive last build via email will that one eventually expire too? Thanks
  3. Hello So I have Demo version expired message and I cannot start EF anymore. The orange message on top of the forum says “Uninstall all versions of the product and re-install the official build”. What is the official build? I do not see any announcement of the official build. I reinstalled EF and I have build 5.0.2019.0517. But in the Connect Edition it says Build: 20190618.2.0.1. I am a bit puzzled what is the current version, what is beta version and what else is going on. At this very moment I have the version installed from my account and everything looks washed out again.
  4. Quick question. Is there a way to disable UI on P3D start up? I was unable to find such option. If I am not going to tweak anything why do I need then to see UI every time I start the sim? Thanks
  5. I had similar issues with EF. I was very upset as well. If you ever decide to use EF again and something goes wrong, give REX a chance to help you. I had a problem I was unable to resolve for a long time. REX support finally helped me to get rid of it. I think reinstalling entire P3D is a bit extreme measure. Next time just give REX a chance to help you. I got help via personal messaging and I am ok now and my sim looks good as well. The developers were working very hard on fixing my issue. You do not want to reinstall the entire P3D every time when something is off.
  6. I have a feeling the problem was with ShadersHLSL folder. I was provided with new ShadersHLSL folder and that problem was gone. timest999 may have another opinion.
  7. Thanks to REX for support and patience. I think I am back in business.
  8. This is from P3D website: "The hotfix update to Prepar3D v4.5 ( is now available." This is exactly what I have. I checked it inside of the sim. I have same version installed. Please do not take anything personal. I am just trying to figure out the issue same way as you guys.
  9. OK. EF is gone. Did P3D client reinstall again. After reinstalling shaders I am now on PTA and clouds look normal. AS and SF. No EF. I am not sure I want to install EF again.
  10. I know many people are very happy with both products. Since the day I have installed both of this products my battle began. I am not saying EF and SF are bad or good, I am just saying that my sim does not look like it was before. I know there is something is sitting so deep in my sim now which causing these issues and I cannot figure out what. Before I started to show my frustration I read other simmers concerns. Several of them warned other simmers that EF installs some kind of files so deep that it will be extremely difficult to get rid off and revert back to what it was before with any addons and any kind of 3rd party shaders. I am not a programmer and I am not questioning the quality of products. But like I said I never had such issues before I installed SF and EF. I have which includes the latest fix.
  11. I have uninstalled EF, removed all REX files and registry entries. Reinstalled P3D client and I still have those damned brown clouds with PTA presets. I am getting puzzled why I cannot get rid of it. I wish I would never installed SF and EF. P3D was good and now it looks like crap...
  12. Here is mine: I don't know what else I can do. Never happened before. I stared seeing this issues after I started messing around with SF and EF.
  13. Can you give me a hint where is that option?
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