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  1. Warrior flight around Sydney

    Just got back from a Piper Warrior flight around Sydney, took plenty of pics It really was great fun, it lasted about an hour (above the hills it was very turbulent). We took off from Bankstown and flew over Sydney then over the forest to Palm Beach. There we did a few sharp practise turns, took in the scenery, and went back to Bankstown. Anyway here are the pics, enjoy. Pittwater This was probably the most scenic part of the flight Palm Beach Prospect Reservior
  2. Will upgrading the gpu improve FSX fps?

    Having completely maxed settings is NEVER a good idea. First thing you should put down is water settings. Put it down from Max 2x to high 2x. You shouldn't need to go lower than mid or low 2x. The difference in FPS between Max 2x and Low 2x is tremendous.
  3. Does a external FPS-Limiter really make sence?

    I tried an external FPS limiter and it screwed up my FSX lol.
  4. Is 30 fps really smooth for you?

    30 fps is perfect for me, anything above that is unnoticeable. Anything from 20-30 fps is acceptabe and I can still enjoy flying, since it's relatively smooth. If I go below 20 I start to change settings to get it smoother.
  5. REX for X-Plane 10 Announced!

    LOLOL nice one haha! Had me foolded there lol.
  6. REX Essential - UPDATE

    Cool, great
  7. REX v1.0 Problems ( FSX )

    Yes it is. How could you lose it??? It comes in an email!
  8. Happy Birthday Clem!

    I wonder what...
  9. Happy Birthday Clem!

    Clem is very happy, because I bought him a present. A DVD of Darrington Muni Airport scenery from Orbx, it'll be delivered to me first then i'll send it on to Clem While I was at that, I also bought myself a treat, the A2A Piper Cub
  10. Happy Birthday Clem!

    Happy birthday, hope you have a really good one
  11. My 2012 Build Has Been Decided!

    Ok I have added up the price of your things as well as some variations (which would be what I would get), and it is overall AU $1270.91. Oh my goodness, how cheap is that In a year i'll try to upgrade and this is the stuff i'll buy
  12. I Could Need Some Help.. Uhh.. Klicks ...

    I have voted for you Alex. Good luck!
  13. Support Verification

    Looking forward to this Posting for verification FSS0108007
  14. Computer requirements for REX

    Simple answer is, for most people, REX does not decrease FPS unless you are using the HD textures. In fact, for me, REX INCREASED FPS. So basically, if your computer runs FS2004 well, then you'll be fine with REX. But if your computer doesn't run FS2004 well, then it's time to get a new computer
  15. How good is this computer for fsx?

    Woah, definately! Just overclock it after and it will be perfect, but there may not even be a need for that!