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  1. I can concur same, that environment force does not flush shaders on exit, but does on startup of environment force. No wonder that anytime I do not want to use REX products and use only Active sky I get the Black and Gray textures after loading in simulator. This is absolutely the cause of Black and Gray textures. I watched EF delete the shaders folder on startup, but on exit the folder stays and all its contents.
  2. They have released New DLL in both the Tester forums so you can download and try them. That is the fix
  3. They have identified and fixed this issue in the last Beta Build. Are you member of the insider Team ? Otherwise this issue is fixed in next release. For now starting EF first then P3D is the only option for flying PMDG
  4. You can close this, I was still on the beta prior to the public release. All is good now !
  5. Sitting here trying to read up and figure out the issues and now This, Environment Force gives me ( your validation process failed please contact support ) WTH
  6. I hear ya loud and clear and understand, and waiting on updates to both EF and SF.
  7. I beg your pardon, I just updated SkyForce 3D and they are your cloud sets as theme was installed ! Here are some more photos taken today with different theme. By the way, where is this P3D folder to check cloud resolution ? Fact is REX SkyForce3d is the only Texture program installed on this PC .
  8. I submitted 3 times for charlie Version and they keep changing their forum around. I have seen nothing and checked my spam folders as was told. Can't say I'm pleased at all the way REX has responded.
  9. These photos taken running SkyForce, Environment Force and SkyForce as weather engine * Notice the Frame loss. I have been trying to find where the frame loss is and I must conclude it is with Environment force. All sim settings are the same for all photo groups. I do run my P3D V4.5 pretty high and always have and have not had any frame loss or stutters. SkyForce settings: 3D clouds set 1024 DXT5 Cirro type settings: 1024 DXT5 Environment Force settings: Default Automatic and default manual with added theme Scott5 As you can see my P3D runs really well with SkyForce, Active Sky or as P3D alone. Throw Environment force into the picture and it drops to its knees. Environment Force is by far a beautiful addition, just got to get to bottom of why it is so frame heavy. Now all this said: I have been a member of the insider team since it started and was part of testing Betas until a user you said shared it, at which time you changed the way we had access to the Beta files. Well in a nut shell, you have locked me out of being part of testing. I work a full time job, married, own a house and property to take care and to make your time window to sign up and download files in the short amount "window of time" just wont get it for me. Not ranting, just stating maybe you would benefit from others help in testing instead of limiting it. Got better things to do than sit at a computer at REX's forums waiting, but I do stay logged in and try to check for updates as often as I can. Most people who know me personally, know I am very computer savvy and get the most out of FSX or P3D with any given system. These photos taken running EF & SF with SF as weather engine These next photos taken with just SkyForce and it also as weather engine These next photos taken with sky force textures and weather engine ASP4 These next photos No weather engine running at all, turned ASP4 off Now flying from KSTL St.Louis to Northwestern Iowa, in thunderstorms : SkyForce textures and ASP4 as weather engine Uninstalled Environment Force and reinstalled to original release 5.0.2019.0420 and No Hotfix and everything again is playing nice !!! Conclusion is the first Hotfix after release caused the major frame loss
  10. Can concur, no updates available, still on 0503 ! Any clarification REX ?
  11. I Have been seeing this flickering too. It is just some of the user presets, not all of them.
  12. Never used a shader tweak in my life
  13. Here is cloud layers without Environment Force. No square edge lines any where ! This is SkyForce 3d textures and only Active Sky for P3DV4
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