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  1. Change to manual mode, make the settings, switch back to auto
  2. I also have another problem. After disabling EF, all my shaders are greyscale. How do I restore the original shaders?
  3. I hate to say this, but you seem to have a performance problem with the latest version of EF. I fly exclusively in VR (which is very critical on performance). The old EF worked fine performance wise. The new one doesn't. I just did a test. Flying out of LOWI where there are currently thunderstorms. Using EF (all textures set to 512 DX - both in EF and SF), I was struggling to get 20fps (AWS locked in VR). It was a very choppy experience. Using SF (no EF) with clouds in SF at 512 DX, the performance was 40fps (AWS locked in VR). It was like night and day. Using EF seems to kill my fps. I am running in full auto, and as said have the textures set to 512 DX in both SF and EF. It is only since the latest patch!. Is there anywhere that I can download the old version of EF? Thanks Neil ps. I have spent hours an hours testing, trying to find out where I lost my performance, and it is definately EF! When I disable it, everything is back to normal!
  4. I think that Dan has always stated that FlyInside doesn’t work with HDR on. Personally I gave up with FlyInside, and now use native VR. The performance is better with native and I don’t suffer from the continuous CTDs I got with every version of FlyInside. The one thing I miss is the in game interface which was fantastic in FI (especially being able to easily import windows). However, this is far outweighed by the extra performance, stability and being able to use HDR and Ezdok for head movement effects.
  5. NeilC

    CLOSED Fog mode

    I am confused by fog mode. I use AS4P as my weather engine, and have set max vis (surface and high) to max. In EF if I toggle fog mode it goes from no haze, to heavy haze. I know that in most conditions there is haze at ground level, but on some days (like the beautiful cavok weather in Salzburg today), I would expect a bit more vis. Can someone explain the best way to use EF im Auto mode that changes the haze layer to suit the weather conditions, and doesn’t force a choice of no haze or lots of haze ps the debug window in AS4 was showing an injection of >32 km vis, so there shouldn’t have been a heavy haze layer!
  6. If you’re not using the REX weather engine, should this make a difference? I’ll check next time this happens, but I thought that AS injected the weather and EF then adjusted lighting, clouds etc, but didn’t actually change the injected weather???
  7. I have a similar issue. Running Active Sky, the debug mode in AS shows that there is rain. Using EF, there is no rain. Restarting the Sim without EF with the same weather the rain comes back. It seems that EF effects what AS is injecting somehow.
  8. I am also confused about this. I understood that in Auto mode EF would change the cloud textures to suit the current weather it has detected. If it does not do this and only swaps the models, is this not what SkyForce already did?
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