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  1. Hi originally had REX Essential 2. Then I upgraded to REX Essential 3 and then REX Essential 3 Plus. I then got REX 4 or the cloud version but had a lot of trouble with it on my system and returned to using REX Essential Plus which gave me both cloud and water textures which would load into the sim and stay there. I had untold trouble with the weather engine of that program and abandoned that aspect until REX Sky Force came out. I find REX SkyForce to be excellent and it works seamlessly with my sim (FSX) and its weather engine works fine as well, I like it a lot. The question is as far as I can tell I am still relying on REX Essential for the water textures the same way I am still using REX Grasses II for grass textures. As far as I can tell REX SkyForce only takes care of clouds and the online real time weather engine so I am still relying upon the Essential Plus installation for water textures - IS THIS CORRECT? IF SO - is there any more upgrade to water textures? I note the new dynamic program that allows adjustment across all textures but which textures will it be using? And do I have the correct setup all over?
  2. I have had Skyforce for some months now. I have used REX Weather from the earliest version right up until SkyForce was introduced. I run a standard HP PC with a dual core processor and Win7 64bit O/S and use FSX Acceleration. I have limited RAM and VIDEO GPU capacity. My experience so far has been great. The product works as advertised. The user interface is simple and easy to use and has many features such as briefings, flight following etc that it has taken time to appreciate. I have experienced no major issues with memory demands when using FSX and I am continuously impressed by the quality of the weather display and I am very happy with the texturing. In short compared to previous products, this one is a winner and has improved my simulator experience significantly. I cannot imagine not having it now. I have had no issues with SkyForce and it has worked perfectly. Well done.
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