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  1. Support Verification

    Adding REX World Airports HD Order # SRWJJXRNK From REX Online Store.
  2. Thanks Tim. It's not hard to compliment REX. I have always loved your stuff ... from way BACK in the day! GREAT looking! VERY immersive!! AND the textures and lighting on the airports and such... WOW LOVE IT!
  3. Quick question for the REX team: Building triple PC triple monitor setup for Prepar3Dv3 - must I purchase REX w Softclouds three times for ONE simulator setup? I just want to be clear - using WideView, I believe I would need REX w Softclouds installed on ALL the display PCs (three in my case). Don't mind buying if I have to - but if its OK to run all three off one license, I'm not against saving a buck Thanks REX! GREAT PRODUCT by the way. Pulled me right back to P3D from xPlane 10.
  4. Recommendations needed on PC specs

    As Howard said- BACKING UP your system is extremely critical! The more you use FSX the more likely that sooner or later you will change something and find out you've got problems... and rock-solid backup means being able to go back in time to when the system was running properly. HINT: After you perform a backup - be sure to VALIDATE it. Acronis has a built-in validation option, but you must enable it... If the backup image isn't VALID it cannot be used to restore from! Translation- it would be as if you did not have a backup at all! Acronis True Image Home 2013 is what Howard and I recommend... other products are out there... Hope this helps.
  5. Support Verification

    Request Verification. I'm thrilled with REX OD HD- and Essential looks like a STUNNING world-class product. My order number is contained in my Signature line. Robert McDonald