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  1. VFR ENB Mod - Built for Essentials

    I cannot confirm that with the alt+enter trick, there is no crashing or black screening. I had to remove the ENB to stop the crashing, even when I wasn't alt tabbing or alt-enter'ing, after a while, it just crashed stating that d3d9.dll was the cause. After removing the ENB, there were no more problems, which is sad because I really loved the color that the ENB gave to FSX.
  2. VFR ENB Mod - Built for Essentials

    Seems that the flickering has to do with your SLI setup. I found this thread about someone with similar ENB problems with Skyrim with a Crossfire setup. http://forums.gametr...ng-prob/1275081 You can try running FS with SLI disabled and see if that fixes it. I will try the alt-enter trick to see if it reduces the crashing, thanks. Also, I can second the flashing, when switching views in the NGX cockpit using 'A', I was experiencing flashing every time I switched those views for about a second and then it went back to normal, it's not a deal-breaker though. I don't run on SLI, I'm running on a single 670.
  3. VFR ENB Mod - Built for Essentials

    I noticed that flashing too, I didn't mind it though, I thought it was pretty cool (although pretty sure it's a bug) I just panicked when I started having CTD's so I removed the enbseries and the .dll file until I can find a fix! But other than that, it's an awesome add on
  4. VFR ENB Mod - Built for Essentials

    I flew around with it yesterday and I loved it, but I noticed a couple of problems on my machine. Whenever I alt-tabbed (I hardly ever do it, and try not to, but I accidentally did it yesterday during a flight) and when I tried to go back to it, FS gave me a crash to desktop. I've looked around and this is a common problem for enb mods, is there any way around this?
  5. VFR ENB Mod - Built for Essentials

    This shade is amazing!! It makes my flight sim look like those videos I had drooled over about a year ago when I started building my FSX rig, I now have that same reality factor!
  6. Installed and surprised

    It made me almost fall out of my chair too, it was frightening! lol.
  7. Essentials, wow!

    I had taken the Duke for a ride yesterday when I installed essentials, I wanted to see how it would show dense overcast clouds, it looks brilliant! You can't see past the clouds (unless you really try looking down, but I had barely gotten into the clouds) when you look forward, and the color scheme is amazing! Great work!
  8. Support Verification

    Posting for verification! Can't wait for this update!