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  1. I have just installed P3D v4 and Active Sky 2016 and now I want to install REX Softclouds, but I think I have so many versions and setups, that I don't know where and how to start. I have the following files: setup.exe rexsoftclouds_setup.exe rexso1.cab rexsoftclouds_sp2_hotfix_20151002.msi rexsc_sp3_hotfix4_20160928.zip rexsc_sp3_hotfix5_20170714.zip Can you please guide me through the correct order to get it working in P3D v4? Btw. Can't you just make a single setup with all updates/patches included? Sincerly Jorn Lundtoft Denmark
  2. It's installed correctly, but it just didn't live up to my expectations. I never felt like, WOW, this addon really lifted my FSX to another level, so maybe my expectations just were to high or I didn't know what to expect. With regards to P3D, it already have given a lift graphic wise, with volumetric clouds, shadows etc and maybe I will try Rex4 again someday, but for now it's on the "shelf". So there's no point in screenshots, cause we probably dont see the same result in them, but thanks for the help. Jørn Lundtoft
  3. I don't know what I expected, but I really don't see that much difference in what FSX SE looks like with or without Rex4, And since I'm slowly changing to P3D v3, where the volumetric clouds adds another dimension to the environment, I see even less use for REX4 textures. With P3D, ASN and REX Softclouds I think I will have a pretty decent looking sim, and if someone else could use it, I might as well sell it, BUT I can see in the EULA that it's not possible, so I guess that will be just another addon on "the shelf". J Lundtoft
  4. It's not often that I regret buying an addon, but I must admit I have with Rex4 Texture direct. Just want to know if it's allowed to sell it again, and how to do it if it's possible? Regards Jørn Lundtoft ORDER Number: 1385108
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