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  1. I own REX 4 Texture Direct, and Soft Clouds, and I can see I can get a 15% discount on upgrade to REX Skyforce, but do I also get the 50% Black Friday discount = total 65% on buying it now? Regards Jlund
  2. REX 4 Texture Direct Simmarket Order # 1385108
  3. I bought P3D v 3.1 and would like to install REX Soft Clouds in it. I have the following files, do I need them all or in which order do they need to be installed? rexsoftclouds rexsoftclouds_sp1_20150109 rexsoftclouds_sp2_hotfix1_20151002 rexsoftclouds_sp2_patch_20150810 Jørn Lundtoft
  4. Verification nr# 1385108 Rex4 Direct
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