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  1. hi Kees , thank you for the tip, i already have reex essentials my doubt was if there is an order when you have to reinstall everyuthing , but from what you tell me it really does not matter in what order , thanks alot kind regards leo
  2. Hello all: ive had a problem , not sure it was REX, but my runwaylights were suspended in the air, abvout the height of the eleveator of the plane . i remeber in the past , about a year ago, someone had a similar problem , but can´t seem to find what the solution was. since i am also using GEX, UTX, traffic X, REX essentials , and some planes, i decided to uninstall everything and begin from scracth. Maybe my mistake was t9o use a websitew that fixes some things in orfder to optimize your computer , analizes your cfg file and gives you some options, maybe it was that , i dont really know. but my question is , since i am starting again to install everything and it will take me almost a day, is there a speacial order to install these things. By the way , using UTX i had the night lites inactive just in case, but the runway lights were still in mid air. i would appreciate any ideas, on how to go about re installing everything , sorry for the bother , thanks in advance regards leo
  3. thank you guys, all helps, no steve, didnt know about all of that, im going to take a close looka at what all of u guys are telling me, thanks, really helps., best regards leo
  4. Thanks steve , its pretty much what everybaody has told me so i guess i´ll just stick with my current configuration. the reason im using AMD is because it was much cheaper at the time than an intel here in Argentina , so i went with the AMD machine, but there is no doubt that intel processors asa whole are much better gamers. thanks again , best regards leo
  5. Hello all: i was wondering if there is a way to modify FSX to use all cpu´s, since i have a phenom II x 6 , if possible will it help to make the machine work smoother ? also if this is possibel , where can i get info about how this is done ? thanks in advance , regards to all leo
  6. thanks guys for the response , helps alot , regards leo
  7. what type of computer do I have ?

    thanks everyone for ur insights, sorry i ´m answering solate, but i do plan to do some of the things mentioned , thanks again to everyone kind regards leo
  8. Hello all: im not sure if this is the place to ask this question, but looking around, i think it is. i have installed Ground environment x by Flight 1 , my next step is to install UTX also by flight 1 .for the moment i uninstalled REX essentials becauise i do not want anything to overlap. my question is from what i read in the UTX manual what should i turn off in this program if i am gouing to use REX essentials. i see that UTX has lighting , it has water textures, etc that can overlay REX essentials, so what is your suggestion as too what should be active in UTX and in what position of impòrtance should it be in the scnerey library, REX is not there since it automatically replaces the textures. so basically what should i look out for when UTX is installed. thank you all in advance , kind regards leo
  9. To all the team , i just want to thank them for the pre and post documents. I follwed all steps and all seems to work. I did not download the complete file from FSS store since it is just to big to download from where i am from. i just downloaded the upgrade samller file . I am using all of this with an older cxomputer. I have a high end pc ,with win 7 ultimate sp1, amd pehenom x 6 , but fwsx and REX did not work well with it. I find that this older computer is much better with the game , but this is just for general information. the thing is, isb that i have been able to to upgrade , thank you for the documents , and keep up the good work kind regards leo96
  10. REX Essential Question

    Thank you guys, because i was reading the pre and post documents and it seems pretty complicated, this way i think is much easier . thanks again. regards leo96
  11. Hi Guys, everyone : i`ve been away from flying for a while , but now i see that there is REX essential. i can`t find the answer to my question in other threads , so i apoligize and here it goes: 1) can i uninstall everything related to REX 2.0 and od , go to my account in FSS store and download the new REX essential 4.24gb and install this , and forget what i had previously ? thank you , best regards leo96
  12. hi factory: i ´m also a newbie here , im reading to see how people manage the program to learn. i saw your post , im doing the same thing , im reading the manual, but i understand it the same way u do. but we´ll wait for an admn to respond. regards leo96
  13. Question about REX version

    i bought it a month ago, downloaded and it was the lates version , regards leo96
  14. configuration

    JP maybe the ebst thing to do is let the program decide for you. in configuration there is a slider down at the bottom, custom, low end , mid range and high end system . click those and see how things change according to what machine u have . read the manual , go through it slowly and in detail. regards leo96
  15. Confused about the REX product

    guys, REX was never intended to fix buildings nor land texcures , i bought it after eeading the explanation and review at sim shop. i bought to try to improve the weather quality in FSX. I also have fscene total 2011 and it sucks , i am also trying to find good looking terrain textures. the oinly thing that worked a bit is ultimate airport environment x by zinertek , which improives the default buildings and airports, but thats it. the ultimate night lights , sucks , all add ons will not make FSX look any better, trust me !! but here´s the thing. what we whant to do, is put a normal car engine in a F1 race car and go out and beat Shumacher. By this i mean fsx is old , not supported for todays machines , we can´t go on buying add ons and addons , to try to make this as real as possible. it is just impossible. fsx is from 2006-2008 no matter what high end meachine u have u will never make FSX look any better, it jus can´t be done . even with REX, im having alot of problems , so i have decided to unsintsall everything and just go with FSX the way it is , thats it, and wait for something new whatever it may be for todays machines. good luck all best reagrds leo96 fss order number 0128757