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  1. Tried starting as admin, nojoy! Ver# 4.7.2015.0818
  2. Just installed 5 and now I can't point it to my weather engine. Click on browse but nothing happens. ??
  3. Thanks Tom, all went well! I do have another problem though. When I click on textures tab it changes but I have no windows to see what changes I make to that setting. My mouse will show that there is a choice I can make but no graphic to look at. David
  4. My build is 2.5.2010.1027, my desk top icon reads "REX Essential" I open the "about REX" tab it's titled "REX +overdrive". Got an email a few days ago talking about an update. I'm just not sure how to procced with update because when I go to the update page it recommend that you download and install the full version of REX Essential Plus. So I'm confused! What shaw I do? Thanks, David
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