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  1. Just go back to where you bought it, and download it from your store account.
  2. REX is in a different time zone from you, don't expect an answer after only an hour.
  3. That's a tough one. Even though you're using screenshots and videos as opposed to the software, it's still a for profit venture. Hopefully Tim, Reed, or Galen will chime in here for the definitive.
  4. I'd like to have a quarter for every time this clip has been edited with new subtitles and reposted...
  5. That logo only gives you the option to reserve your copy of Windows 10, unless you run it and reserve your copy, you won't get it. You have up to one year to update for free after release.
  6. The bundle is $34.01 US, where did you get those figures?
  7. Use something like Acronis to make a backup image, and restore it to the new computer. Faster than reinstalling everything.
  8. Guess Steve's hunch was right, the post is gone.
  9. Just open your browser and go to liveatc dot net
  10. Any approach where my wheels touch asphalt.
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