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  1. I suspect it varies depending on the size map you're using. Create a single dot over your airport, and see how long it takes to fly from end to end.
  2. Check your build number for Soft Clouds, should be 4.2.2015.0810
  3. Weather themes are injected into FSX by Architect, you won't find them in the FSX themes listing.
  4. Go to your texture configuration screen and untick what you don't want changed.
  5. You need to manually install simconnect, P3D doesn't do it for you.
  6. Sounds like the registry path is messed up, REX should be putting that in for you.
  7. Click the themes button in the lower right corner, give it a name and save it.
  8. Try checking Speed Test to see what you're really getting. http://www.speedtest.net/
  9. Did you select a texture set and click install?
  10. If they came in high resolution, they wouldn't be soft.
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