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  1. Don't know what to say. It did for mine. The option was turned off within the main settings; that is, when the REX Enhanced HDR option was enabled within the main panel and then when HDR was turned off within P3D REX EF UI.
  2. So a few things I think can help. 1. I do not use (for now) any of the REX texture files. I use ASCA and ENVTEX and ENVSHADE 2. For weather injection, I use AS for P3D. The weather smoothing was on by default within EF. Good thing you guys did write within the software to turn off, but in the manual, it says that it works well with any other 3rd party software (no further information). That is a contradiction, or at best, it lacks specificity in the manual. I was originally on "Automatic Mode", but then I decided to turn on "manual mode." When I went to the settings, I noticed under the texture tab had a few interesting points... 1. Both SkyForce 3D and Texture Direct are off (obviously I do not have them) - so far so good. 2. but..... under the Sky Force 3D - Sky Texture Settings, Enable HDR Sky Textures is on by default. This should NOT be turned on by default if none of the REX texture packs are installed and enabled. I think a good portion of my issues are rooted at that exact point. I obviously disabled that. I went back to check on the REX EF UI within P3d, and...... REX HDR Enhanced was gone - that is good news. Guys, this should be patched, I do not think it is very complicated - just a "off by default unless conditions x or y are met." I was easily able to use back the default P3D HDR with no issues and no crashes. On another note. Your manual really needs more explanation. A tutorial would be nice, and more background and explanation is necessary for each function. You should have options for people that use other 3rd party tools like ASCA and ENVTEX ENVSHADE, Tomato Shade, or PTA. A LOT of folks use those and have no idea on how it will interact with EF. This tool is ambitious and very powerful. It requires careful understanding. I get it, its day one of being published....and you do provide good after sales service. Hats off. Let me know your thoughts.
  3. This completely disables HDR, not just the REX Enhanced HDR - as far as I know. Sure it fixed it, but it disabled HDR altogether.
  4. Hi Federico, Two questions: 1 how do I turn off REX HDR EF in the REX UI 2 should I try REX HDR EF again, what should be my default values within P3D?
  5. I got a long black screen but it seems to have worked without crashing
  6. Not the default in the strictest sense of the term. It is with REX ENV Force. I'll try to disable it within the UI.
  7. And this is with HDR turned off in-game (NOT through the REX ENV Force UI) https://ibb.co/nwB9g65
  8. I had to reboot the PC. P3D would not go anywhere. HDR is turned on on this picture: https://ibb.co/KwhTTP1 This is back to the "normal" post REX ENV FORCE installation. That bloom is what made me want to change my settings. It is too strong.
  9. Good afternoon REX. Before installing REX ENV Force, my HDR settings were fine. I was getting nice screen shots. Now... THIS: https://ibb.co/Twk6wWT When I first loaded ENV Force, that so-called enhanced REX HDR was waaaaay too strong, it was lilke coming out of a pool packed with chlorine; everything was way too strong and bloomy. It would be nice to have an option to disable REX HDR. Not everyone wants to play in minute HDR settings. I tried to compensate by reducing some of the HDR settings within the ENV Force module within P3D and clicked recompile HDR. Next thing I know I get an error regarding corrupt files and P3D crashed. I restart P3D and I get this clustercrap seen above. The ONLY way I can get P3D to run somewhat fine now is to disable HDR within P3D. Guys, seriously, you got greedy with this product. Too many functionalities within one. Keep it simple. Do separate add-ons for the so-called power users who really feel like gutsy enough to tweak P3D to a breaking point. That said, I need help. I need to understand what to do to revert my settings so I can hopefully disable your REX HDR and I can just keep what I had. The weather morphing is cool. The shading and lighting settings is cool. Those are simple tweaks that go a loooooong way. HDR - do...not...touch...it. By the way, I tried to turn on or off the HDR with the UI, and I got a giant black screen with this error message: https://ibb.co/S3tnxDD I am REALLY disappointed in this product. My P3D was running really fine before this!!!!
  10. Understood! Thanks for the prompt reply. Cheers
  11. So far, I have seen it on Taxi2Gate Munich scenery and FlyTampa Toronto
  12. I just noticed that the changes made in my airport lighting also affected payware airports... Is there a way to have Texture Direct distinguish between default airports and payware? I would like to have the payware airports lighting as it was intended to be... Don't get me wrong, I think the lighting changes are a huge improvement over the default lighting at non-payware airports, its just that I did pay money for the payware stuff, and I would like to get what I paid for (not sure if I make entirely sense here...). Thanks for any assistance. Cheers
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