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  1. Ed Koorevaar REX worldwide airport TCPFKHZUV directly from REX store Thanks, Ed
  2. Thanks Gets, It's also James explaining it. Just what I needed. He made an video for it, but that one I could not find. Thanks and regards< Ed
  3. Hello you all, For a long time now, I watched a video of James Holcomb about setting Essential in combination with REX4D. I slightly remember when using REX4D and using only the Weather engine of Essentials, settings in the Configuration Manager and all options in REX Essentials Plus had to set to none / zero. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks and all the best, Ed
  4. Hi FSX Betatester, Thanks for the reply. As you say, it must be the GPU. I use the HD5870 with 6 outputs. I use three (analog) monitors and Eyefinity. It seems REX4 with SOft Clouds is asking too much of the GPU. So I decide to deinstall SC completely and not longer use it. Its a pitty because it realy looks fabulous. Best regards, Ed
  5. Hi there, I have installed REX SC some weeks ago and removed it yesterday. When using it in combination with REX4D and the Lower clouds parts disabled, I noticed as soon as take off and when I descent to the lower altitude, the outside view becomes a mess. Flickering and vertical black stripes are the result. Before installing REX Soft clouds I did not have this. What might be causing this? Thanks and regards, Ed
  6. Hi Flightsimstore has react to my question today. The amount has been credit. Regards, Ed
  7. Hi Tim, Thanks. Could give it a try. I will contact them again. Ed
  8. I do not know if this is the right place to ask. I have sent flightsimstore already this question, but they did not respond. My question: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I think I have done some mistaken purchases. I was intent to buy REX 4 for FSX, so I just have bought REX - REX 4 | Texture Direct HD, ordernumber 279616. Now I have installed it, I realized I have not bought REX 4 program, but Texture Direct HD only. Ok can happen, so I went back to the flightsimstore and thought I should buy REX - Real Environment Xtreme in order to get both program and Texture HD. SO I ordered some yesterdaymorning Real Environment Xtreme for X-Plane ordernumber 279644. During downloading, I started to be confused. I read for Xplane. And I realized I do not have Xplane, but FSX. Some years ago I bought REX2, did not used it for a long time, and I read yesterdaymorning some good reviews about REX4.Thats why I got confused and thought I could buy a brand new REX4 for FSX. Because there are a lot of possibilities and my Engish reading is not that best, I have bought some stuff, which I can not use now. Can you, from REX, help me in solving this please? Regards, Ed
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