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  1. Again thanks for your fast reply. You are an example for many other companies that reply late or never!! Thats also why I am happy with REX. As you replied. And as I see, no interfering with EHAM from FlyTampa. Great. SOLVED. Thanks again. Have a nice day and regards, Ed
  2. Hi there, Can you tell me how I can exclude airports like these of FlyTampa and ORBX FTX? Their hangars and terminals are already as at the real airports and I do not want to change it overthere with this program. Thanks for any reply and regards, Ed
  3. Hi SOLVED Searched for another file overhear and that worked. Still strange that the file I always used, no longer worked. Regards, Ed
  4. Hello there I use REX for many years now. Mostly errorfree. Since my P3Dv4 had some errors, I decided to reinstall it completely. Clean. Now I want to install my REX products again and first my REX enhanced with softclouds. I have done this before after a pc reinstall or like previous week because P3D became unstable. Rightclick the rexinstaller.exe. Installing went seamless, although I noticed for the first time, there was no icon created on my desktop as it did always. Okay. Also starting up, no problem. After making some configurations it was time to configure clouds concrete and so on. As soon as I hit the icons at the bottom, REX crashes instantly, with the popup below. Also after restarting the same. I now have reinstalled it for the 4th time and I have had it. Also followed all advices, mentioned on the forum on equal errors. Any help would be wonderfull. Thanks and regards, Ed
  5. Hi Reed Sorry for my late reply! Thanks for your reply. Do you mean it has to do with specific settings in P3D? Which do you mean? Regards, Ed
  6. Hi there, Since a week, I use P3D 4. For many years now, I use REX 4 with softclouds (now the enhanced versions) with pleasure. I was wondering is there anything wrong? I have attached an image. Everytime I fly it looks all clouds are out of focus. They are no longer sharp as they were in de previous P3D I used. I kinda blurry. And yes, I know iut's normal to have (sometimes) blurry clouds, as they are there in reaal too. But it seems I always have these blurry ones. Most of my cloud settings are high resolution. I am curious if you have any ideas, or solutions to get that nice clouds back again. Thanks and regards, Ed EDIT: I use Active Sky as I always did too.
  7. Hi there Can anyone tell me how I can see that P3D4 uses the REX clouds? Since some days I have installed P3D4 and the 4 version of REX 4TD Enhanced, I use Active Sky as a weather engine. As I compare it with my previous setup, I have the idea that the sharp clouds I see are a bit out of focus, not that sharp. Settings are all almost high in REX and P3Dv4 Thanks for your answer Regards, Ed
  8. Hello to you all. I have download the latest 4TD Enhanced. Before that I had 4TD + Soft clouds. Am I right that in this new bersion Soft clouds is integrated as it was with the version I had earlier? When I started up the earlier version I read Texture Direct 4 with Soft clouds. Starting up this enhanced version, I only read Texture Direct 4 Enhanced. Thanks for any answers Best regards, Ed
  9. Hi again, Solved it. I unpacked the filed with the Windows 7 build in extratingprogram. Always used WINRAR, but had not yet installed it on my new installation of Windows 7. Had the feeling that this could be the case. So afer installation of WINRAR and unpacking it with WR, it worked. Best regards, Ed
  10. Hi there, REX 4D enhanced I have been reading a lot of posts about this issue and followed them all. Axept using an installer program. I can not use this, because when I go to my vendor (the filghtsimstore) I can copy the downloadlink, but it aint possible to get it downloading in this way via FlashGet 3. Can anyone tell me how I can download the file. This sucks. I have downloaded so much programs in an easy way. I now have tried it 4 times. Virusprogram disabled but nothing works. Thanks for any help Regards, Ed
  11. Hello to you all, I succeeded! As I have read somewhere on this forum, because of a hudge downloads, the servers might be slow or not responding. Thats was I faced and many of you too. I tried it several times and it worked. I suggest you to use the downloadmanager. It can take some time to download. With the use of this manager you can see on the right (see attached images) the progress. And as it says, it might take awhile. It looks very nice. I am now ready to configure this addon. Good luck
  12. Hi There They are right. I face this issues too. In the past years, never had this problem. Since I order directly at REX I have same issues. It would be mmuch more easier if there is a simple downloadlink and get them without that terrible installer. Regards, Ed
  13. Anyone? Since I use REX within P3D I run into problems time after time. In the period I used it in FSX I never had problems. The service is good overhere, how ever this issue seems to be difficult or the technician are thinking 'there he is again. Getting tired of his problems'. The same way I feel to as if I am the only one facing error to error. This last issue realy sucks. Everytime the WXR engine of REX is reloading I get this problem, mentioned above. In the meanwhile I am thinking of leaving/removing REX completely and turn over to ASN. A friend of mine flew with me latetely and was also surprising of the behaviour of REX. He advised me to have a look at the latest ASN. In my FSX time I used it in combination with REX textures and I loved their weather ENgine, until REX decide to make a simular WXR engine too. But time to change and see if I will no longer have these issues again and again. Thanks for all. Hope there will be in future a REX product for me that is stable for every user. Best regards, Ed
  14. Hello to you all. I was wondering and I believe in the older days of using REX, I have not seen this before. We are flying ESSA-EHAM and during our flight at FL360, the weather measurements are not accurate anylonger. I mean, I am flying with the clouds and than suddenly our speed and altitude is getting crazy and at the same time from clouds I am flying in fair weather. And sometimes within some seconds, back to clouds. There is no transition between these two. I remember REX did this in a fabulous way easy turning from clouds to fair weather. Can anyone tell me what might cause this? Thanks and regards, Ed
  15. Hello Reed, I reinstalled REX Essential and upgrade it to the latest version and solved the problem! Thanks Reed Nice weekend Ed
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