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  1. I believe I have solved the Overspeed problem when starting a saved flight. If I turn off the Enable weather smoothing all is OK.😊 I can even turn it back on after a few mins without a problem. I use FSGRW as my weather engine and suspect it is to do with something it is doing at the start of a flight ? I much prefer to use Auto mode so the other issues in Manual mode don't bother me now I can use Auto mode. Best Regards
  2. After the latest update FPS and Bloom seems improved , thank you. But I still cannot use Auto mode when reloading a saved flight. At FL340 indicated airspeed is showing 506 kts with the Overspeed alarm sounding. If I then go to manual mode all is ok with Ind. airspeed showing 286 kts Mach .804. When in Manual mode if I go into Texture Synchronization and try to change to a Soft Clouds set Env. Force crashes to desktop. Changing to non Soft Clouds set no problem no CTD. This never happened before update. I use Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. Regards Steve Cooper
  3. Simple question.When flying over oceans what does the weather engine update with ? Thanks
  4. I did try that and no it didn't work. The Weather Engine does start up but takes less than a second to download weather before installing in FS9. I believe that it is using the last file available and not the current weather. If I run without the UAC on I get a message about the Firewall, but I have checked this and it is ok both in and out. Thanks anyway. Great graphics.
  5. Hi is it possible to run REX on a non Admin account on Vista, without having to put the admin password in for the Weather Engine and REX ?. If I disable UAC and click run as Administrator it wont run . I expect the answer is no but it would be fantastic if there was a work around.
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