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  1. Great!!, i did exactly how you told me and and it worked perfectly, now i have REX updated + overdrive textures, Many thanks again and keep up the good work that you do!! Sito.
  2. Everything is alright now!, i downloaded it from flightsimstore and you were right!..., the current version build now is: 1.3.2010.1027, isn't it?, but............, i found another problem now, i'm also trying to install REX overdrive (for fs2004), the executable runs correctly, but just before finishing the installation, it displays a message that says: there is a problem with this windows installer package, A program run as part of the set up did not finish as expected, contact your support personnel!!??; i'm running the executable as administrator, and the exe is ok, because i've just downloaded it from your link again, what can it be now?.
  3. yes, i have and account in flightsimstore, You're right!.., i didn't think about it, i downloaded REX from the executable file that i saved when i purchased it!, I'll try to do the way you say, many thanks for your help and for your prompt reply, good support.
  4. Hi, i have a strange problem that it's making go crazy, the fact is that i had to format my pc and now i've installed REX for fs2004 again (clean registry files, etc), but when i try to update the program with the servipacks executable files, in this case sp1, it starts searching for the REX folder location and it says: software not found, REX 2004 could not be located on your system, Re-install REX fs2004 and then run this path again!!??, before re-installing windows and formatting, i did't have any problem updating and launching all the servipacks, i can assure you that REX is installed on my computer, works properly and that the folder is where it's meant to be in program files (86x), what could be happening??, Thanks so much in advance!. Sito. Specs: Windows 7 64 bits amd athlon II x2 245 a 2.9 3 gb drr3 on-board ati 3000 graphics car series Order number: FSS0124938
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