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  1. Quick question...Is AS AND EF showing the same METAR data...I mean the same?
  2. Hi Michael Are the METARs the same in AS as in EF?
  3. Agree Tim, So, come on everyone, post you 'numbers' here so everyone can have a go at what works for you.... Use my 'numbers', do they work for you?
  4. Suggestion Starting a place that uses can share the 'numbers' that work for them. Yes, it will be subjective, but at least others could then try them and see what works for them. Things to bear in mind 1. Other shades used 2. Monitor calibration...anyone got theirs correctly calibrated?(an example https://spyderx.datacolor.com/) As I have said all 'subjective', but will allow sharing of some base data for others to try and 'tweak' Yep, there are the community presets, but I like to see the numbers , perhaps that's just me!! Thoughts?
  5. 1. When should the different modes be used? 2. What Mode should be used in 'auto' mode and using AS? Thanks
  6. Using AS + EF clouds are good with NO square holes or edges..all good I only get 'squares' when using SF + EF
  7. Here is an example from another manual that explains 'Bloom' That's all that is needed, just 3 simple lines that explains what each one does
  8. Hi Dolf, Yep, hence my question, this seem a very 'generic' description' of these filters. So, please can you tell me what, for example the DPX filter changes within the SIM. A user should not have to spend time 'twiddling' just to find out what each one does 3 lines in a manual that explains 'Post Processing Effect Filters', why?
  9. Well, not sure if my EF numbers are correct, any advise on these would be good. If I change x, y, z then that will make a difference Thanks
  10. Can someone in the 'know' give a 'tech' description of these, what part of the SIM do they affect ,which one make 'live' changes to the SIM and do any off these need a 'recompile' to see the changes DPX Technicolor Lift Gamma Gain Tonemap Rayleigh Thanks Clive
  11. Can you try this and let us know if it fixes it 1. Totally uninstall EF.....there might be more than one entry. 2. carry out a 'repair' of P3D client 3. Apply Envshade 4 Install EF 5. Start SIM Thanks
  12. Hi Liam Just did a 'Repair' P3D Client, that helped, but there seems to have been some changes in EF that has also helped. From where I was a few days ago, to now it all looks very good. I'm running AS + EF that is it. I have SF but not using it currently. Once I've tested some more with AS + EF, then I look at how SF+EF work together. There seems to be confusion about what you should run with what and what options need ticking or not fog on/off/auot etc etc I'll speak to Reed to see if REX can put out a correct list of what you should have running with what and also what needs ticking or not in all possible configurations So you have: 1. AS 2. ASCA 3. SF 4. EF 5. OPUS 6. FSGRW I think all work with EF, but what does and if for example you are using AS can you use ASCA and if so what options in what program needs setting/ticking. Also some more explanation of what the advanced filters do, would also be good and some 'base' setting that gives use a good start to tweak to whatever suits them All good
  13. A lot better no 'funny' red haze or black PBR textures MaddogX is PBR inside and out Great work Thanks
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