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  1. REX Enhanced Editions

    Nice pictures, I had PTA already on my focus since I have used it in P3D v3.4. This was really a great work from your Team, with all this Screenshots and the ini files! Now I can change with one mouse click my settings in P3d v4. Thank you for your free Service and all the work you have done for us! Greetings from Seattle Ted :-)
  2. Great News - Thanks for all the hard work Team REX!
  3. Hello, that's Local Time Phoenix or UTC Time for the Release/Update??? It is exciting until I finally got my TD + SC....!! regards from Seattle Ted
  4. check the new PDF http://www.rexsimulations.com/tdguide.pdf regards Ted
  5. Excellent news I'm off for the 16th August and thank you for all your work - so we can use TD with SC in P3d v4 regards Ted
  6. Support Verification

    Thank's for your nice Produkt's! Simmarket - Order 807905 - REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME FOR FS2004 Simmarket - Order 1414825 -REX4 TEXTURE DIRECT HD WITH SOFT CLOUDS FSX P3D Simmarket - Order 1546604 - REX - REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD FSX P3D FSPilotshop - Order #478173 -Real Environment Xtreme (REX) Essential Plus w/ OverDrive Flightsimstore - Order FSS0385015 - REX - Soft Clouds regards Ted
  7. @YoYo Hi buddy thanks for the info, and your Website is well done - many information and beautiful Pictures.. regards Ted :-)
  8. Hello Guys from Phoenix ;-) Good news for Texture Direct & SC - still a question - can I install REX Worldwide Airports HD & Texture Direct with SC already in P3D v4? Or I have to wait until the last update /installer? regards Ted