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  1. I sent the new module to Leonardo's lead programmer to see if he can replicate. Awaiting his response.
  2. Your P3D is set to run as admin correct? Also forgot to mention on the dll that I sent you, please right click on it and go to properties and make sure there is no Unblock button/checkbox. If there is, click it.
  3. Go to your main P3D folder and locate the weather dll please. Right click on it, select properties->Details and post the version number.
  4. This sounds like an issue for Milviz. Please post it in the Milviz support forums (the MV DHC-3 dev isn't here to my knowledge).
  5. The WX radar gets its data purely from the simulator. We capture the cloud buffer and also check the sim's internal weather data to get the precipitation zones and then combine the two with some extra functions of cloud density and aircraft position and radar beam geometry to generate the display.
  6. You mentioned COUATL which is known to conflict with many addons so that was likely the culprit.
  7. Easy. Start with the default clear skies theme in an area marked as stormy by ASP4. Then start ASP4 and see what happens.
  8. The semicircle is terrain returns. Could you snap a pic of what you initially see please?
  9. Normal behaviour. The module only does something if the developer uses the API. Otherwise it just occupies RAM, waiting for instructions. @jabloomf1230 Do you still get weather updates if you start ASP4 after P3D4?
  10. You sure you have the latest install? The connection between weather updates and crashes was one of the things that delayed us and the latest build took specific steps to counter that.
  11. Discussing this with the Leonardo team.
  12. I don't think previous versions had the self illumination textures the newer version has which for some reason DX10 preview is not supporting. And this should be in the Milviz forums rather than the REX forum.
  13. For the display only without the controls, use the MV_WX!WX gauge entry in the panel cfg without the MV_WX!WX2D gauge entry. For the controls, I don't think I made a way to control them directly. However, you can read the control states using the following L vars, and increment/decrement them using the following key events: (L:WX_Radar_Range, number) Range is 0 to 5 (5nm to 160nm, each increment being double the previous range) Increment event: 0x14001 Decrement event: 0x14000 (L:WX_Radar_ModeSelect, number) 0 to 4 (Off, Stby, WX, WXT, MAP) Increment: 0x14003 Decrement: 0x14002 (L:WX_Radar_Tilt, number) -15.0 to 15.0 degrees in 0.5 deg increments Increment: 0x14005 Decrement: 0x14004 (L:WX_Radar_BRT, number) 0 to 100 Increment: 0x14007 Decrement: 0x14006 (L:WX_Radar_Gain, number) 0 to 100 Increment: 0x14009 Decrement: 0x14008
  14. What's your P3D v2 version number? Go to your sim directory, right click on the weather dll, and select Properties->Details. Post the version number here.
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