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  1. Kees, More than happy to oblige. I/we have spent so much time on this one that another day or two or three isn't going to upset me lol. Again thank you so much for your asistance so far Regards TonyC
  2. Kees, For your information the following actions completed: 1 REX uninstalled as directed. - Reboot 2. FSUIPC C3998J completely uninstalled - Reboot 3. FSUIPC C3998J reinstalled - Reboot 4. REX reinstalled as Administrator drive d\REX FS9 - Reboot 5. REX OD installed Drive D:\REX OD Error Win Installer (same error code 11722) 6. Reboot 7. REX OD installed drive f:\REX OD - Error (same again) Any ideas? Regards again TonyC
  3. Kees, Ok thanks for your reply MY FS9 directory is a folder on Drive C - SSD ... REX is also on a seperate folder on Drive C: I downloaded zip to drive D. Unzipped OD download to drive H (external drive) and to Drive F (FS9 Utilities) I have installed to drive C:\ (problem) and drive C:\Real Environment Extreme FS2004 (problem) and drive C:\ Real Environment Extreme FS2004\ exefiles (problem) and to C;\new folder (problem) All installations have been done using Drive F and also Drive H numerous times .... always the same error and obviously in Win event viewer reflect the different Drive/Folder selection. I have 5 internal drives and one external drive C 256GB - 164GB Free D 512GB - 453GB Free E 80GB - 40GB Free F 1 TB - 723GB Free G 512GB - 377GB Free (FSX installed) H 256GB - 135GB Free (XPlane10 Installed) External Drive is Lacie 1 TB 259GB Free Used as Backup Drive. I am not familiar with changing the location of my temp directories. Hope this helps mate TonyC
  4. Kees, Sorry about this bit by bit approach mate (Perhaps I am the one needing Defrag LOL) I have found and accessed the event viewer. I have 37 error items. All are error 1722 and all related to REC OD. Log name Application Source MsiInstaller Event ID 11722 "Product REX for FS2004 Error 1722 ....etc.... Action REXFS9_OVERDRIVE_CLOUDS.exe, Location C:\Real Environment Extreme FS2004\REXFS9_OVERDRIVE.CLOUDS.exe, command: Command Line" I am not able to interpret this so hope you can help out Thanks again TonyC
  5. Kees, I downloaded and tried to install dotnetfix (2) 64bit as an exercise in futility (I already have installed net4) i then copied the download to the unzipped OD and deleted version 2 32bit. Tried the whole exercise again with the same results. I also forgot to mention the event viewer in my last post. How can I access that on my win7 system? No further news TonyC
  6. Hello Kees, Thanks for your reply, Yes, I would love to install this programme. Yes, I believe I do need the help and would welcome any specific suggestions. In reply, specifically to some of your suggestions, I offer the following: 1. My HDD is an Adata SSD 256GB of which 170GB is free. 2. SSD drives do not require defragging and in fact, defragging is specifically ill-advised because of the level of wear and tear placed on it, and, 3. Install attempts have been made at all times, with UAC at its lowest level (off) and/or with Firewall turned off specifically for the install. As stated in my first post, I do not know whether or not, the dotnetfix file is relevant (given that it is for 32bit system and my system is 64bit.) I am at a loss here .... I think I have tried everything and obviously haven't. I have done a re-format of drive C and reinstalled everything with no problems with anything other than OD. I have gone well beyond frustration and now am absolutely intrigued in the resolution (and ...yeehaaa) the eventual installation. It is with gratitude that I accept your offer of help and I look forward to hearing from you further. Thanks TonyC
  7. Hi Guys, Is there ANYONE who has installed Overdrive without problems. ? ?? I have looked at nearly all the install problem topics and they all say the same thing and very few users appear to be able to resolve this issue satisfactorily despite the "RESOLVED" sticker. To my mind, given the number of problems with this and they all appear to be Windows installer problems, it could well be time for someone at REX to recognise that this is indeed a problem. I have now spent 2 full days trying to install this and ALWAYS come up with the same "Windows Installer problem" I have followed the PDF manual to the letter...I have followed a majority of the advise given in the forum and to date nothing seems to work. Unfortunately (for me) this appears to be worth the hassle to install if in fact, it ever does install, WHY are so many people having problems? .... Surely we can't. all be doing the same thing so wrongly and so consistantly. One thing i have noticed , which nobody has commented on is the dotnetfix file that comes with the unzipped download. I accidently clicked on that and was advised that it was 32bit and incompatable with my system, (Win7 Ultimate 64bit). Is this relevant? ? Can anybody please shed some new light on this problem??? Thanks TonyC
  8. Whoops, I have just reread the PDF install instructions which states that Overdrive includes all these service Packs. I apologise to all for this blunder and shall return to the REX Overdrive install problems Thanks
  9. Smee again, I am having trouble installing REX Overdrive and it appears, I have a few friends in the same boat (aircraft???) Doing some research on this I found in this forum mention of SP 1/2/3/4. I only have SP1 installed, can't locate the rest through google, and was wondering if this had some bearing on the REX Overdrive install. Can anyone please verify that it does indeed, impact on this installation or not, and where can I find these SP's to download and install. Thanks Guys
  10. Timest999, Lets close this one matey The problem turned out to be a corruption in the Modules Folder. Error Log showed could not find FSUIPC despite it being in the folder and updated to c3998j. I deleted same and reinstalled REX (again LOL) and up she came.... yew little bewdy. I have no idea why I did not check error log .. it is normally the first thing to check innit??? I have never before had to log in as administrator either but have done so to configure and also to load WX. All is fine. And yes that is my set up .... love it and could not fly without the extra monitors anymore. Which brings up another point ... This system works perfectly with FS9 at frame rates of up to 80fps whilst flying and sometimes down to 30-35 on ground. More than sufficient and the graphics are "wonderful". BUT, I cannot fly FSX or XPlane with this system. FSX loads and everything is normal until I hit FLY NOW. The screen goes blank a couple of times after I get the terrain loading msg etc and then the whole thing just goes back to desktop as if it had never been selected. All sliders are set at minimums. I have been having much the same problem with XPlane 10 and in 5 years I have never been able to fly with FSX on my system and that is through 3 major hardware/software upgrades. Microsoft over the years have disowned me and none of the flight sim forums can put a finger on the problem. I am sure it has something with the monitors but ?? My biggest hassle is that living in Indonesia gives me absolutely no access to a computer technician who knows anything about computers. I live in a city with 500,000 people in it and I think I am the only person who operates a computer with more than one monitor. The guys are amazed when they see my system and walk away muttering "too hard" I actually lied with that previous statement, I have flown but with only 2 monitors in the early days and even then it was scratchy. I have bought 3 copies of FSX and one of FSX Gold trying to solve the problem. At the moment the project is in pause mode and I am concentrating on enjoying FS9 to the full with REX, VOZ (Aust) AVsim and Traffic 2005 for AI and every aircraft and scenery programme I can get my hands on. FSX ain't gunna beat me though and my next avenue is to buy 2 x triplehead2go for six monitors, crossfiring the two HD6970s' and leave my two other monitors (1 used for Gplan and the other for fuel up decent calculator etc) plugged into the HD4870. Have to save up for that and my nex purchase (I have a birthday coming up and been throwing hints all over the place lol) is the Saitek Trim wheel and a butt blaster in the future. Wow , I got a little carried away there .. I shall go now but first I want to thank you very very much for your help. TonyC
  11. Timest999, 1. Yes FSUIPC ver 3998j installed 2. I have just spent two hours trying to do just that. It does not seem to be appearing although it shows in my profile 3. UAC turned off and even tried to install it with firewall turned off - No difference 4. See 3 5 Avira free Hope that helps mate Tony C PS Can you tell me how I get my Signature to show??
  12. REX (FSX) Order number FSS0103429 27 March 2011 REX (FS2004) Order Number FSS0103428 27March 2011 Having got that out of the way, Hello everyone, I submitted previously with an uninstall problem which I resolved with a re-format and reinstall etc. However, now I have a problem in that when I use the WAsys to load WX into any flight I find that the map (after loading) comes up with the Gulf of Guinea (and the bottom half of an unknown country or continent. It doesn't matter where FS2004 is flight planned for. I have also noticed that I no longer get a scrolled message that REX is connected nor do I get any change in the WX in FS2004. To date I have un-installed and re-installee about six times in the last couple of days and I always get the same result. I have noticed also that when I complete the configurations and am asked to save the options I do so ... the screen goes back to the config panel but if I go back to options I find that they are no longer saved. My operating system is Windows 7 ultimate and everything else apperars normal. Any ideas thanks TonyC
  13. Timest999, What can I say, my humble apologies. REX1 Order Number FSS0103428 ordered 27Mar2011 REX2 Order Number FSS0103428 ordered 27Mar2011 I have solved this problem and thanks for your help. Obviously invaluable Tonyc
  14. Hi Guys/Gals, I have been using REX for some time now but am now experiencing a few problem/s. I am getting an unrequited error message when I click on my rexwxeng2 icon. So ... I tried a reinstall but got the Modify...Repair ...Remove screen. I tried a repair. No difference Then I did a Remove and got a message which in essence said "There is a problem with the Windows installer package. A program required for this install to computer could not be run" Is there a way to uninstall this programme in order to Reload I just don't want to fly without REX (he said stamping his feet and expelling the dummy) LOL Any help would be gratefully received Thanks in advance TonyC PS OS is Win7 Ultimate 64 bit
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