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  1. Purchaed REX through Simflight.com. My order number is 1721514

    rexinstaller does not work, please advise me solution.



  2. Order reference # DUYJWQSWA . Brought from the REX Store. REX Worldwide Airports HD   and REX 4 - Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) 

  3. order reference Rex4 Texure Direct &  Soft Clouds  FSS0471228 FLIGHTSim Store

    1. Vfrtoday


      REX4 - Texture Direct  Order #606317 FSPilotshop

  4. REX 4 Direct texture

    I've bought it on steam, unable to get any order reference!!

    I have a bill number linked with the pack I bought FSX SE + REX 4

    bill reference: 387711972357538376 , username account: giffard3

    I'm french and I'm really disappointed how is compicated to get support from REX wiho sell me this for 30 euros.

    I can't install it,  I have an error message when I launch it... I try evrything with the numerous subjects on the web...


  5. Order reference : PGMCWSDWP  

    REX 4 - texture direct

  6. Posting only to get into support order#  895421

  7. Just flight REX essential plus overdrive order JF1982869E00FDCAED

  8. Order #575927 (Completed)
    Order Date: Sunday 13 July, 2014 Order Total: $44.95
    1 x Real Environment Xtreme (REX) Essential Plus w/ OverDrive
  9. FSPILOTSHOP Order #577609 REX 4

  10. The Flightsimstore  FSS0409561 REX Essentials w/ Overdrive 

    The Flightsimstore  FSS0370076 REX Soft Clouds

  11. Teuchter,

    Order no---FSS0253291 from The Flightsim Store

    Please verify support.

    1. Electr0maton


      The flightsimstore:  FSS0409561 REX Essentials w/ overdrive

  12. order number from PC aviator :324662 :REX Essential + Overdrive

  13. order 1346511 simmarket

  14. andre lafreniere order 1346511 from simMarket just to be verify


  15. To receive customer support and gain full access to the support forums, you must become a verified member. To become verified, you must REPLY with your REX order number and where you purchased REX. Please note that the verification process is NOT automated, and it may take up to 24 hours to complete your verification request. You will not receive support until you are a verified member. This topic is to be used for verification purposes only. Please do not add comments, support requests or reposts for verification, as they will be removed. DO NOT PLACE SERIAL NUMBERS OR DIRECT LINKS TO YOUR PRODUCT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATTENTION GUESTS: If you do not have an account on the forum, you must first create one in order to post your REX product order information.