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  1. Ya go ahead Tim , think i got it running pretty good now Thanks a bunch -----Louis
  2. The days of FSX we forgot about right crab ? he had it all fiquered out and told me buy this, and buy that so i bought it all and he came and put it all in and set me all up with P3Dv4 , i just sat here and watched his mouse zip around and saved me hours of doing it .All in its coming -Louis
  3. Thanks for the fast reply Tim, i'll try them setting and go from there and bluefan ,i found that Cirrus function and disabled it so lets see how this all goes . Hate to be a pain but man oh man all this P3d stuff the settings are overwhelming , my friend said it took him almost 2 months to get everything pretty well set up .Wasnt gonna go with P3d but after buying Vancouver airport from FSdream team and seeing the detail i knew right then that FSX had to go .
  4. I'm new to this P3D and have just bought V4.5 not long ago . I bought REX Env and Sky Force and my friend came in with Team View and installed it and left it in Auto mode till i get the hang of things. I run Active sky so REX weather mode i have off . I've watched countless set up videos and find that every one had different settings . All is pretty good till i get in Overcast or those nice big puffy clouds and its like this rig is allergic to the color grey and then the ol girl will drop down to 9 or 10 frames when i climb out of those conditions the frames go back up to around 30 . I have Shadow Quality and Shadow Draw to high and all the videos i watched Active sky they all leave pretty well default and all mention Cloud draw distance Max and Min so i have both of then set at around 70 . Is there any thing in REX sky force i should change is basically what I'm asking ? Thanks Louis
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