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  1. I think the reasoning behind the delay in updating Skyforce is a little pathetic. Your loyal customers will not be confused by two updates to separate products being issued on the same day, so why should your retailers? I also believe that Skforce customers, who have been patiently waiting for the promised smooth weather engine have been given a bad deal in the upgrade discounts. 10% off Environment Force is a poor reward when any new customer for Environment Force receives a 50% discount on the more expensive Skyforce. I am using both, but have found the weather engine in Skyforce to cause either P3D to crash, or my aircraft autopilot to trip out. So please can you expedite the, promised, smooth weather engine ASAP. As far as Environment Force is concerned, initially on auto mode all the colours were too bright and washed out in daylight. With the new hot fix the cockpit is much darker in shadow than the clouds, which are too bright. It has promise but its not quite there yet. I don't want to spend all my time tweaking, so would like the auto mode to produce a realistic look, which in my opinion it does not do at the moment.
  2. Copied the good news about Environment Force. Would that imminent release mean that users of Sky Force will receive the new weather engine immediately, or will there be a technical update to the existing Sky Force weather engine first? Whatever happens I am extremely happy with Sky Force, but obviously looking forward to any improvements you can offer. Keep up the good work.
  3. Just posting for verification FSS0119409 FlightSim store FSS0167542 FlightSim store Paul Gale
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