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  1. Ah thank you. Just installed the beta will give it a go and will report back any issues etc I might also do a client repair too, good idea!
  2. You need to start Enviroforce before you load up P3D and keep enviro running during your session In automatic mode you can use the mini UI in the simulator to change any variables including HDR (There is a little arrow at the bottom left of your screen)
  3. We appreciate your hard work on getting to the bottom of these niggles. The core programme is fantastic, just these little teething problems
  4. @liamcarbin  

    Liam -

    So that our developer can work with you more closely I have added you to the Insider Program.  FS1 will be reaching out to you shortly.

    Thank you for working with our developers.


    Reed Stough

  5. 4.4 no issues before the hotfix with aircraft.
  6. Affirm. I've had a quick look at the PMDG 747 in the daytime and all looks fine at night there is black textures on the engine pylons. I didn't think about checking scenery. As I say only one aircraft seems to have an issue at both day and night and that is the Carenado ATR
  7. Seems fine in daytime for me, apart from in one aircraft the Carenado ATR
  8. Not for me, the weird effects are still there in the Carenado ATR in the day too. Tomatoshade Enviroforce
  9. Same has happened in the Carenado ATR! What is that!
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