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  1. Hi Alpha, you can find a discription and what they do in the EF manual Feel free to play with the settings and see what it lookes like, turn back to default if you don't like. Dolf
  2. Please don't post your serial number!
  3. Hi Wayne, please make sure if change some settings or edit things, save as a preset, next start up you inject your preset and all is there
  4. Totaly agree Alain, and smart job the way of installing, in fact you didn't even had to uninstall PTA, just restore the orig P3D shaders only is enough, that's the way I do so you can combine later on
  5. Restoring Original P3D shaders is allways a good idea before installing EF, then make EF settings at your likes (Manual mode) Later on combine with PTA tweaks.
  6. Did you check the : Installog.txt file for intalled textures yet? You can find this in your REX Essential directory, when you open it you can see if the textures are installed. Some like this: TEXTURE INJECTION LOG - Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 10:49:39 AM SKYDAWN TEXTURES INJECTED D:\REX Essential Plus Overdrive\Themes\Temp\Sky\sky_dawn_0.bmp copied to: D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Texture\sky_dawn_0.bmp D:\REX Essential Plus Overdrive\Themes\Temp\Sky\sky_dawn_1.bmp copied to: D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Texture\sky_dawn_1.bmp D:\REX Essential Plus Overdrive\Themes\Temp\Sky\sky_dawn_2.bmp copied to: D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Texture\sky_dawn_2.bmp . . .
  7. You can set up different themes and edit them afterwards.
  8. Hallo Dolf,

    Ik wil even het volgende vertellen.

    Op donderdag 22 dec ga ik naar het ziekenhuis

    en op 23 dec krijg ik een open hart operatie.

    Hierdoor zal ik een tijdje niet online zijn.

    Zouden er eventueel vragen zijn dan weet jij ervan af.

    Ik wens je alvast prettige feestdagen.

    Groetjes en tot spoedig weer aanwezig hier.




  9. FSX seems to get no probs here, checked with install and edit Bermuda, maybe try manualy to replace the panel.cfg with the original and start over? Only guessing here
  10. Well REX 4TD has no weather engine aboard, you need at least REX 3 for it, FSX has a build in one but I'm not shure if it's still giving real weather as I didn't used it for a long time anymore. There's freeware you can find too, don't know what you can expect. If you're installing again from zero, keep your FSX out of the Windows\program files directory and wait for Ezcam till everything works fine.
  11. Hi Jim, Are you using a weather engine? Can you tell me the settings of you cloud cover?
  12. Hi Bermuda, I'm flying real weather for 90% of my flights, on the other hand the radar is a fantastic tool to monitor the weather on your flightpad.
  13. Hi Hendrik Gert, Did you first installed the wx_gauge with the installer in your aircraft?
  14. Watching skies

  15. Can you give us your settings, FSX and REX4TD as well, I'm running dx9 too. Regards Dolf
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