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  1. Same issue ! Unable to tick P3D2 HDR and DXT5 textures. Best, Bjorn
  2. Hi again, Today I had success with the texture update install (4th time), BUT, REX4 generates an error (see attached pic) and does not update the textures in P3D. I have Estonia Migration Tool installed but deactivated. Bjorn
  3. REX4_TD_TU1 loads to 1668.023 MB, but then it reports that this is not a valid Windows Installer. The downloaded setupfile is 682 KB I use WIN7 64 bits. REX4 Texture Direct says it needs the TU1 textures. This file is downloaded 3 times with the same result - refuses to install. SIMMARKET ORDER Number: 1156901 What to do ?? Best, Bjorn Stockholm Sweden
  4. Thanks - Great support - it is working now. Reason was my mistake - I started the installer in the zip file and that made the install corrupt. When extracting the zipfile and starting it from the extracted folder it worked OK. Best, Bjorn
  5. ... also reinstalled WIN7 now with the WIN7 Upgrade option. Still same problem.
  6. UAC is OFF REX is runned as ADMIN WIN7 Home Premium 64 8 GB Nvidia 660 GTX 2 GB Intel I5@4.225 500 GB SSD Internet Active Windows Defender Windows Firewall ON REX in C: root P3D2 in its standard folder
  7. Hi, REX starts like this : Initializing (a "cloud" start screen). Then it will minimize to the tray. When clicking on the app in the tray it will only show a large white screen without content. System: WIN7 Home Premium Best, Bjorn
  8. Hi - I can still not install the OD - same problem as I have stated before, so need a better installer solution. Also I have no time to fiddle with REX reinstall - that one works OK it is just the Overdrive installer that does not. F.y.i. I am a former software developer and have never seen such a strange installer behavior. Bjorn
  9. I still have the same mentioned install problems - browsing or not browsing to the REX folder. Bjorn
  10. OD unzipped Installer files: C:\Documents and Settings\-\Desktop\REX_OverDrive_FS2004_1.0\REX_OverDrive_FS2004_1.0 REX programfolder : C:\Program Files\Real Environment Xtreme FS2004 Bjorn
  11. Hi Kees, That is what I have been doing all the time - the separate directory on the desktop and start from within that. I even tried to start direct from Winzip then the installer creates a temp directory. None of the above methods helped. Bjorn
  12. Thanks Kees, I am standing by on the taxiway Coqui : Thanks for your input - No sign of any a/v stopping the install. Bjorn
  13. Hi Keezondag, Maybe not, but several people in this forum reports the same problem. The only HD with OS and FS9.1 is a 150 GB WD Raptor and has 65 GB free so that is a non-problem I believe. It seems like some component in XP vs the OD installer does not do the job, but every other program installer - even the REX2004 ver 1.0.2009.1201 works flawless. Bjorn www.boeing737sim.se
  14. Have d/l a new copy - put the zip on the desktop and started autorun.exe from WinZip. Same problem as in previous posts - installer stops with the error message above. Obviously something wrong in the installer since I see several similar post below in the forum. Bjorn
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