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    Support Verification

    Hi posting for verification purposes.
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    Support Verification

    Thank you Order #FSS0116490
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    REX Essential

    Hi guys, just wanted to know if REX Essential will be an upgrade to my existing REXOD (build 2.5.2010.1027) or a it has to be purchased and installed on top of REX2. Thanks, George
  4. rgbalzaretti

    Support Verification

    Hi guys, just wanted to know if REX Essential will be an upgrade to my existing REXOD version build 2.5.2010.1027 or a new purchase. Thanks, George
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    VATSIM Weather & METAR Real Visibility.

    Thank you so much for your reply. I'll really appreciate that!
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    VATSIM Weather & METAR Real Visibility.

    ORDER NUMBER IS: FSS0116490 Thanks, George
  7. Hello Everyone: I have upgraded REX to OD hoping that it could resolve in part the issue with VATSIM which stop working a while ago. As I read before, unchecking Vatsim and Metar in the configuration manager, does enable some kind weather system to load showing the temperature, for instance, in centigrade values, not farenheit ones. This is a bit anoying to me since I don't know much about centigrade values. Anyway, I wonder where REX is loading the weather data from and how accurate it is with the real thing. And I'm saying that because of what I had experienced yesterday afternoon. I live in the area of Pembrole Pines Florida. At around 5:00PM, it was raining "cats & dogs" around here. I called a buddy of mine that works at the Miami Int'l Airport and asked if it was raining there and he said yes, very hard, and yet FSX displayed no rain, no stormy weather, just a few clouds in the sky and nothing else. I know that down the line, some people like to refer FSX as "just a game" you can't take it too seriously, things on FSX are not as real as one would like to believe, and that sort of things. Does VATSIM give better and more accurate weather reports? Does anyone know when VATSIM may return operational again. I read somewhere that "FSX is not a game, it is just a way of life..." I couldn't agree more with that! Thanks, George, Pembroke Pines - FLORIDA