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  1. Gentlemen, Its been close to 2 years since I played FSX...and when I went to fly again I am getting a system crash. FSX will run independently, Im using REX Essentials ver 3.4.2014.1211 (103433299 for my user code). Any ideas....do i need a new REX? Many thanks from all us old folks for keeping us in the air to some extent. Cheers Greg
  2. Gmac

    Strange clouds

    Howdy Tim, Well I have had to do another HD reformat and after installing 200+ Window updates and new graphic drivers I am happy to say REX is performing perfectly; towering TRW's looking spectacular!!! Thanks much for sticking in there with me. Have a great weekend!!! Cheers, Greg
  3. Gmac

    Strange clouds

    Hi Tim, Thanks much for the quick reply.....unchecked the DXT5 cloud tab but looks worse now. Cheers, Greg
  4. Good afternoon, Well after allot of time reinstalling all my addon's after the HD crash I finally am approaching the end of the tunnel LOL. However I am running into a strange issue with REX after the reinstall. Basically what is happening is the clouds have strange lines within them....sort of blurry. I have attached a file with pic. Any ideas on what could be causing this......possibly my video card? Win 7 64 bit ATI 4600 HD (old I know but works) Many thanks. Greg
  5. Installed now....thanks much to everyone for your assistance. You can close this issue. G
  6. Thanks Tim!!! Sucks but I guess my luck just ran out....never had to do a reformat in 15 years so I guess it was just a matter of time. Cheers, G
  7. Good evening, I have recently been relocated and during the move the HD must have gotten damaged....FSX stopped working and had to do a full HD reformat. Unfortuantly, I do not have access to my old email that had my key and purchase date so I could reinstall. I have updated my email with the new one.....any ideas on how to get this info so I can reinstall? Cheers, Gmac
  8. Thanks Galen, Thought it was most likely operator error . One thing though, I might not be using REX to its fullest potential and wondering if you might be able to lend a bit of advise. I do most of my flying on VATSIM, so I think this will be the order of programs. 1) Launch REX (have the use VATSIM weather checked) 2) Import FSX flight plan 3) Lauch SB What I am confused about is the textures that load. Will REX automatically know to install the correct cloud textures....for example TRW's in the vicinity will show towering cumulus or CB's and as I fly out of the area swich to the correct textures.....stratus and cirrus. Is that clear enough or further needed. Bascially would like REX to load the correct cloud texture for what is real time weather. Thanks for sticking in there with me. Greg
  9. Good evening......did a full uninstall and installed the latest and greatest and it worked fine for several times. However now the main Quick start menu comes up and when I select fly now....nothing happens. I use shade.exe to lauch FSX by the way. Funny it used to work no problems doing the following 1. Shade.exe 2. Squawkbox 3. REX (run as admin) Any ideas?
  10. I also am getting this error....I am currently at build 3.3.2013.0715 but when I try to do the update I get an error that REX SP3 patch setup ended premautrely because of an error. Any ideas? Greg
  11. Good evening, I am having a bit of trouble I hope can be cleared up. After all the weather has been downloaded and up at cruise, there is a definate "line" of color difference between clouds; see below the pic for the "line". I was wondering if anyone had this issue and knows how to clear up. My performance on my computer and FPS drop drastically. Cheers, Greg
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