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  1. Wast3d

    Downloading now Yeah

    5MB/s from Googledrive almost downloaded...
  2. Wast3d

    CLOSED Release Today?

    so one more week.... Alrighty level 60 Monk i come
  3. Because i started to play Diablo 3 AND ITS SO AWESOME!!!!
  4. Wast3d

    Will it be?

    Roger that...
  5. Wast3d

    Will it be?

    Will there be a Launch party for essential somewehere? with girls, drinks BBQ and all that stuff? Like Blizzard does for their releases???
  6. Wast3d

    Pmdg and Essentials

    There are tons of setup guides on avsim... They work pretty good together with the right settings
  7. Wast3d

    REX Essential

    Will be like Overdrive as far i know an Add-on / Upgrade to REX2
  8. Wast3d

    REX Essential

    Ok for real now... Who keeps giving him pot? Thats not funny! NOT FUNNY!
  9. Wast3d

    REX Essential

    none of us can handle it i belive!
  10. Wast3d

    REX Essential

    cant we just get a release date?
  11. Wast3d

    REX Essential

    Ok now i really think essential makes everyone more and more crazy... Im a little bit scared
  12. Wast3d

    REX Essential

    this is like Sherlock Holmes... Who is gonna die next?
  13. Wast3d

    REX Essential

    dont they said they will announce ONE day before Essential release? Check: Tim said:
  14. Wast3d

    A question to Tim

    Hey Tim i have actually noticed since years a problem: Lets say im flying a good IFR flights and i start the descent into my destination... At 9000 feet i have a good white cloud flied below me!... 500 feet later i have a clear sky.... 1500 later i have a some clouds... 3000 feet later i have a clear sky again with some ugly clouds... That makes no sense to me because: A whole cloud fiel cant dissapear just because i have sunken into it! Is it normal? Is it a FSX limitation or anything else?
  15. Wast3d


    Thats gonna be crazy... YOu guys want to kill me i know it..