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  1. Well this is interesting. I'm using three monitors but have it set up as one large monitor and drag P3D across all three for flying. I guess I could try it with one monitor, and see if I can drag it after the sim loads.
  2. Update: I uninstalled EF and deleted my shader folders in P3D. I started the sim and it worked fine. I reinstalled EF and had the black screen problem again. Based on my issues and the number of other posts with the same problem, it is clear that this product simply does not work. I don't know what else to do besides delete it and hope you fix it so I haven't wasted my money. This is very disappointing.
  3. Yes sir. No EF was running. I'm going to guess that my next step is to uninstall EF, delete my shader and backup shader folder, and try to start a flight, but I wont do anything until you say so.
  4. Done...still black screen. I tried to load the QW 787 at Flightbeam KSFO with all the ORBX products. I then tried to load the default flight and got the same thing.
  5. I've been sitting in front of my black screen for 5 minutes now...not exactly what I'd call brief. Has this product been tested on QW757. Do the shaders not work with PBR?
  6. Guys, After installing Environment Force into P3D V4.5, my screen is just black. How do I fix this? This is a clean install of P3D V4.5 after I had ENVSHADE mess up my PBR textures in V4.4. Thx, Dave Freeman
  7. OK guys WILCO. It might take a while for me to do this. I'm crossing the North Atlantic right now - simulated - and am doing some real world travel tomorrow through Thursday. I'll uninstall and install it on the C drive tonight if I get to it; if not, I'll have to wait until Friday. Thanks for the support on this.
  8. FSX is in its own folder on the C Drive: C/FSX REX is in C/Program Files (x86)/Real Environment Extreme I excluded REX from scans, but am not sure how to prevent the firewall from blocking it. It never blocked it in the past.
  9. This is indeed strange - I restarted the computer and have the same issues. I opened REX and looked at the configurations; it had none of my settings in place, and asked for a path to FSX like I was the first time I ever opened the program. The problem is: when I tried to enter the path to my FSX folder to set up my configurations again, REX wouldn't take it; I clicked and nothing happened. I did install the Service Pack and hotfix for Texture Direct the other day, but assumed texture direct only did texture installs and wouldn't effect the REX Essentials weather engine. My only thought now is to completely remove and re-install the whole REX Essentials plus program - What do you think?
  10. I open REX Essential Plus and nothing happens - I have it set to automatically start downloading WX when I open it. I have not seen any posts about server outages and am wondering why it isn't downloading real weather; it usually works fine.
  11. When I originally ran the installer, I had the same Microsoft Net framework installation problem many folks have been having. So I zipped the files to my computer and installed everything separately; this got REX4TD to install. So I go to open REX, and I get a Windows log alert with a CTD. Now whenever I open REX4TD, as soon as I click on something, it CTDs on me. Please help.
  12. No...can't confirm. I always open REX before FSX, download the weather, then hit fly now. When I hit fly now, I see the REX GPS looking weather unit open and start the download as FSX is opening, Once coplete, it shows the radar picture. I have yet to see the green bar at the top of FSX saying REX is injecting weather. Do I have to wait 15 minutes since that is my refresh rate? Is there a way to open FSX first, then open REX and just have the weather put in manually? Some other settings: Initial weatehr delay timer: 1 minute Refresh rate: 15 Region: Small 1 Balance: 0.15 Right now I have enable interprolation off and the max # of stations My FSX internal WX shows user defined weather...not sure if it should do that.
  13. All, I have a question on METAR accuracy. I start REX and download weather...the displayed METAR within REX for my airport is right on. When I start FSX, and tune ATIS, the weather is different. The wind was way off, I had a cloud layer missing, and the Altimeter was off. I've tried turning interprolation on and off and increasing/decreasing the # of stations within REX, but can't seem to get the METAR spot on. I didn't have this issue with Overdrive, so I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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