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  1. I appreciate everyone's assistance on this matter! REX has given me a headache lately, but still, it's quite the phenomenal progam Outstanding support from the REX team. Many thanks. Keep up the help! Regards, Todd
  2. Alright so the Random Weather selection sure enough gave me some rain and thunderstorms on the "severe" setting. However, I still want to get a few things straight because I'm still unsure of certain settings: The only way the custom settings will work is if the chosen settings match what the real world weather is? If I selected Cumulus Clouds #46 (for a random example) in REX 2.0, they would be injected into my flight no matter what the real world weather was... so that feature is gone now?If I select "Cold Fronts" in the Weather tab of FSX (shown in Picture 1 of this thread), will REX still override all of the weather features that FSX is trying to install for "Cold Fronts"? I've been unsure as to which weather option needs to be highlighted in FSX prior to me clicking "Fly Now".There is absolutely no way for me to get towering cumulus clouds during sunset in Sydney, Australia (for example) if there are no real-world cumulus clouds in Sydney at that moment when I want to fly?My apologies... REX 2.0 just seemed to be "plug and fly" which was incredibly awesome... Essential seems to have very specific criteria that needs to be met prior to flying, and if any of that criteria is not met, you don't get the skies that you're hoping for. Thanks again for all of the help, tips and advice thus far though.
  3. Thanks for the tip, Reed. I have a busy weekend ahead and probably won't be back on the sim until mid-week next week but I will try what you have suggested and see how it goes. I'll respond back with a "thumbs up" - "thumbs down" so please keep an eye out for my follow-up. I appreciate the help from everyone thus far.
  4. So when I am creating my "Free Flight" in FSX, such as in Picture #1 of this thread, which option should I be selecting from the Weather menu in FSX? I am trying to avoid real world weather at all costs. Very, very seldom do I want to fly in the weather conditions that are currently active in the real world.
  5. Well, I must retract part of my above post. On my past flight (5 min ago), my ATC and running menu were not available again. I've concluded that those issues occur when REX is run as Admin. When I simply double-click REX, things work "better" - not perfect, but better. When I right-click REX and run as Admin, I cannot get my ATC or running menu bar to open. Here are further details of my Cloud/Weather issues. Below shows my selected Cloud theme via REX. In this case, a Randomized theme was chosen. As you can see, it is a 3D HD Cumulus set. The second picture shows my clouds after FSX starts. 2D stratus clouds, by the look of it. No matter what cloud theme I choose from REX, they all end up looking flat and low dimensional.
  6. Hi Bob, I am not using Inspector... should I be? Here is another update: I installed both Betas last night (B1, then B2) and the disappearance of my ATC menu and the 'Alt' menu seem to have been fixed; both were working like normal again. However, my aircraft are still invisible on external view. I shut down my PC and have just rebooted it this morning. This forum was my first stop and I am about to start up REX and FSX. We'll see if the restart helped remove any residual bugs after the Betas were installed. Thanks.
  7. An update: Now for some reason, REX is completely corrupting my FSX game. When REX is run, either as an "Administrator" or not, my aircraft become invisible on external view, my ATC window will not open up with either my programmed joystick button or the default keyboard key, and my runner at the top of the screen (when 'Alt' is pressed) will not show up either. When I run FSX without using REX at all, all of these things work flawlessly. I tested it a few times and each time with REX running, these problems occurred, and each time without REX, everything was fine. I went so far tonight as to uninstall REX completely, following proper procedures, and then re-installing it with OD using proper procedures by the book as well (turning anti-virus software off, closing all programs, installing into its own folding and not the FSX folder, etc.) Then still, after a fresh install of a whole new REX which took almost an hour, those glitches are still there. This is very frustrating. I'm going to try to install the Beta 1 and Beta 2 and see if that changes anything. If not, then I don't know what to do except be unhappy with this product now. REX 2.0 worked flawlessly every time, and I have never had a problem with my FSX file(s) in the past... is there any way I can get REX 2.0 back and not deal with Essential Plus? It's causing way more head ache than it's worth, I hate to say.
  8. Hi Reed, Thanks for the reply. Sorry for any confusion. The LAX example was pulled off the top of my head and was not a real issue, although let me try to explain myself a bit more using that same example... Let's say right now (4:33 PM CST) there are clear skies in Los Angeles and at LAX. However, while customizing my textures in REX, I am wanting to see huge cumulonibus clouds in the sky. I select a nice cloud theme from REX (among other things such as sunrise/sunset, lake/ocean water, runway/strobe lights, etc.), I install them, and then I start my flight. When FSX loads a moment later, I'm sitting on the runway at LAX with perfectly clear skies just like the real-world weather... not a cloud in sight. Or in some cases, it seems as though the default FSX weather textures are in place and nothing from REX. Nor do I ever get the green bar scrolling across the top of my screen telling me that the weather is being loaded, although the "Enable green message bar" is clearly selected via my REX options.I believe I may be doing something wrong and that FSX is overriding my REX features. Looking back at that top picture I have posted, I had the "Clear Skies" option selected (the very top bubble option) and I thought "Oh crap, that's my problem!" but then after selecting the "REX" bubble eight spaces down, I'm still getting clear skies in every scenario I try. When I select any of the other FSX weather options (i.e. Cold Fronts, Major Thunderstorm, etc.) I do get those cloud and weather affects during my flight but they are clearly default FSX textures and there is no visible input from REX at all. I know REX is a stellar product, I think I am just doing something wrong with my weather setup but I cannot figure out what it could be. Should I try uninstalling REX+/OD and installing them all over again?
  9. I'm going to assume this is user error, but I cannot get REX+ to inject any weather into FSX when it starts. I've been scouring the forums all night but I have not come upon a solution. What I can confirm is this: I have REX Essential + OD with the Beta 2 installed (Vr Build 3.5.2012.1029).I have created my own textures as well as used default and randomized textures, installed them, and clicked "Fly Now".The REX Weather Engine spools up just prior to the launch of my flight.My flight begins and the green REX banner never scrolls along the top of the screen, nor do any of my selected sky, cloud, water or lighting textures appear.Is there something in the FSX weather screen that I am not selecting correctly? (See photo). I have been selecting the "REX" option. Although it describes this option as generating "Real Weather", which I do not necessarily want. I.e., if it's raining in Los Angeles at this very moment, I do not want it to be raining at LAX when I begin my flight. If I'm hoping for a nice, orange sunset sky with scattered clouds, that's what I'm hoping to see injected into my flight via REX regardless of what the "real" weather is at LAX at that very moment. My Configuration Manager Setup: Simulator Folder location should be accurateMultiple REX "Auto-launch" options are ticked"Enable green message bar" is ticked Can anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong? I never had any problems with REX 2.0+ OD. I would click "Fly Now" and my textures would load flawlessly, every time. Many, many thanks. Regards, Todd
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