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  1. RStough has replied to the topic referred to above, and I tried to reply but somehow this website stops me. I try clicking 'reply' and the edit section opens then closes again immediately. What could be doing that? Anyway, my reply is only "thank you ... maybe I'll get a chance to try it before I go on holiday in a week's time." Pete
  2. Yes, of course. Email petedowson@btconnect.com is best. Pete
  3. I'm surprised at myself still persisting with EF. It's just the hope I will sometime see the same results as others. I waited for the 1.1 update before trying again, (it is actually 1.1.1 today) but the results are still the sameas when I first tried it last week. Note that I only want a tweak-free operation (important for reasons i explain later). 1. If P3D4.4 (or 4.5 -- tried both) is started with HDR on, all I get on the P3D screen is black. The P3D menu is accessible, so: 2. if i turn P3D's HDR off then I get the display. But (except for add-on scenery/airports) it is all shades of gray: the ground is black, the autogen stands out as stark white. and the parts of the sky which should be blue or at least have some colour are gray. It looks dreadful. (I have supplied a pic, below, but note that it does reakky look the same as others already posted on your closed resolved or awaiting subforums). The only way I can get my coloured world back is by replacing the Shaders folder with my backup copy and re-enabling HDR. I did save a copy of the "bad" folder, and attach a ZIP copy to let you see what EF has done. I have never seen the "mini UI" icon. No matter what i do it doesn't appear anywhere. with three defined views (see below) where should it appear? Now to explain my system: I have a hardware 737NG cockpit using ProSim737 software for the systems, with Prosim's own 737NG model. There is no software panel. The screen is a 210 degree FOV curved screen using three projectors,, and three P3D4 views laid on an nVidia surround window covering the 210 degrees. There's a fair amount of overlap between the screens to allow the NatVis "TruView" software to blend the joins so you never see them. However, when testing and setting things like EF up this software is not running. The views on the actual screen are then ugly and curved. So for menu access and so forth I use Teamviewer on another PC -- hence the reason for tweak-free operation. I just want to set it up and leave it to do its job. Now mine is by no means a unique setup, but maybe I'm the only one currently trying to use EF. Do you think you can help, please. I would like to get this working. BTW i don't have any other shader programs in use at all -- before EF I used ASCA and Skyforce3D to assist Active Sky in rendering good looking clouds and sky. I would just like to get the gradual morphing which EF is demonstated to be able to do, but currently this doesn't appear to be possible on my system. Thank you. Pete Dowson Shaders.zip
  4. I had exactly the same problem. If I copied the serial from my original records, and pasted it into the Registration dialogue, it failed every time. I came here and saw this post and tried typing it in manually, and it worked immediately. There's something really odd about it. But at least there is a work-around. Pete Dowson
  5. Same here, but then my REX Essentials seems to be called "REX Esssentials HD" and bears version number 3.0 2012 0522. This doesn't seem to relate to any of the Updates listed here, yet I thought I'd been keeping it up to date! [LATER] It's okay now -- seems I missed an update (to 1028?) which the Auto Updater need manually installing first. Once I'd installed the 0522 to 1028 update, the Auto Updater recognised my installation. Maybe it should cope with installations a little bit more out of date than it does? Regards Pete
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