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  1. FS recorder

    Ooh, this issue can be resolved by making sure that there is a 'ROTOR' section within your .frc recording. Double check this by converting the .frc into a text and then adding it if it isn't there. Hope this helps! Great vid bud.
  2. Soaring Solo

    Brilliant mate! Yes, that landing was terrific that glider has a brilliant flare from what I can see.
  3. Okay, to remove ENB, just delete the enbseries.ini, enbpalette.bmp and the d3d9.dll files. Then check in the sim and you should be all clear!
  4. New Pilot

    Woohoo! Congratulations, and enjoy your celebration cake
  5. ENB Series 24hour

    No worries, helping was the least I could do.
  6. ENB Series 24hour

    It may be due to your Shift Key in TS. To change in TeamSpeak 3: Settings -> Options -> Capture -> Push-To-Talk -> Change your Hotkey To change keys in FSX: Settings -> Other Settings -> Controls -> Button/Keys However, what I do believe with your issue that the constant screenshot taking is caused by ENB. You can change the value, in this case, 44, to another value which you don't use.
  7. ENB Series 24hour

    Hi Sean, I just looked inside the enbseries.ini and noticed in the [iNPUT] section that there is a line: KeyScreenshot=44 This results in the letter/key 'z' or the punctuation ',' or the key 'SHIFT'. I'm not sure which but somebody techy could correct me Do you have a key within FSX that is assigned to this that will be constantly used? Regards, Clem
  8. REX Latitude

    Well I see the basic six in the background, this seems interesting! Sounds like something that will be essential to the aircraft's functionality
  9. Looking good on new tv

    Wow that's stunning!
  10. Rest in Peace. "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind."
  11. Yes, sorry to hear, but congratulations on being a dad!
  12. Hi kaZangy, Overdrive for Essentials is not out yet. So please don't install Overdrive onto Essentials.
  13. MS Flight projects canceled?!

    Aww man news travels around fast! I guess Flight was coming to this, and they just released their Carbon Cub too! I don't think we'll see another Flight sim from Microsoft again.
  14. Congratulations!

    Congratulations Tim! All the best!
  15. Interresting new space engine....free.

    Awesome, thank you for the HU!