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  1. I would probably put a disclaimer in all your posts that only official REX support is capable of helping you. Seriously
  2. So my assumption was correct. Too easy
  3. What confusion? You asked a question and received an accurate answer by more then one person.
  4. Thank you for proving my point. Millennials in general are very ungrateful.
  5. I’m not mad at all. I don’t need your acceptance to be able sleep tonight. The issue I see to much unfortunately these days is people like you showing a cocky attitude towards people trying to help. All you had to do was say thank you for the response instead of playing keyboard tough guy. Pathetic
  6. I feel it is necessary to post the gif again.
  7. I would recommend losing your attitude. REX support answered your question then I followed up trying to answer as well. Both responses were accurate yet for some reason you decide to cry and complain. From the way you are acting you are either young (probably a spoiled millennial) or just a DB.
  8. Ok wait for your answer from REX. They will tell you the same thing.
  9. I don’t see why this is so difficult. You go into manual mode change your resolution and switch back to auto. It’s literally like 3-4 mouse clicks. And how often are you really going to be changing resolutions?
  10. If you don’t believe anyone just test it yourself. I performed a couple flights set to 512. I then switched it to 4096 and performed a couple flights. It is very obvious to see the resolution EF is injecting. The resolution stayed consistent to my settings. I ran all tests in auto mode.
  11. OK thank you for the explanation. But lets say I start the sim at KSEA and complete a short flight to say KPDX. I shut down the sim and restart a flight at KPHX. Will EF automatically change the sky color textures picking from all available textures in SF to compensate for the hotter and less humid weather in the desert? So basically If I install a sky color set in SF will EF change the sky color set automatically depending on location and weather conditions.
  12. I think there is still some confusion regarding sky color textures from several users. Does EF inject sky colors along the same terms as cloud textures? Using all textures available in Sky Force depending on weather conditions? I believe the slider option in automation mode references only cloud textures. There is no mention of sky color textures anywhere in automation mode.
  14. To whatever you set them to in the UI.
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