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  1. It's alright. Hey, they could be swedes.
  2. I find it a bit embarrassing to tell everyne that they're rather buying an airport scenery than this SF that will apparently change the beauty of skies and clouds everywhere. Because it got delayed. I wouldn't really compare the two.
  3. People waiting so much for this and with a little couple day delay they already give up, announce that theyre leaving and buying something else instead. LOL. I guess they didnt want this so much after all. Ive been waiting for years for this. It is going to be a revolutionary software. I have no problem waiting for few more days. Children
  4. I'm just sad that this won't be compatible with the PMDG WXR so I'm forced to keep using AS4 for weather in the future.
  5. I still got an hour for my 773 to reach TOD to Bali. Thank god sunrise came some time ago. Been sitting here 4 hours in the darkness. Well, actually darkness behind Netflix
  6. Did anyone mention yet that it's the same video?
  7. Support Verification

    Post for verification for order # 730736 from simmarket.