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  1. Below me the clouds are shrinking and expanding constantly while I fly over them. See the video that I posted at Youtube here: https://youtu.be/8FZLxxk8fxw
  2. I have the mini UI now. First time since I bought the software so the update fixed it. I'm able to enjoy all the features now. Thanks a lot!
  3. So how is it? It's been 3 weeks since the EF was published. There's lot of us who can't enjoy the EF because we don't have the UI. This should be the top priority on your fix list and release rather as a separate update than bundled with other fixes.
  4. I havent had a chance to be on the sim computer for a week. Ill try today with the updates if I'll find time and report back.
  5. It is on the primary monitor. Doesn't show in either full screen or windowed mode. Maybe I need try moving to another monitor and see it it shows up.
  6. Yes you can. Also, for previous question, yes I have multiple monitors. P3D running on 1 screen and I have 2d popups undocked on other monitors.
  7. Nope, no effect. Still the same. The entry in dll.xml is correct. EF and P3D run as admin, EF started first etc. In EF manual mode all the sliders change the view in the sim. Auto mode showing running when its doing its work. So the software is working correctly, I just don't have the UI in the sim and I need it desperately to reduce the bloom levels.
  8. Didn't work for me. But I already had that in the dll.xml.
  9. I uninstalled and reinstalled EF, still no mini UI. Here's a screenshot from the default situation. Don't see the white box. dll.xml
  10. You know, it does have the automatic mode in which all the complexity is in the background and it does everything for you by itself.
  11. Is it possible to have only the cloud textures synced but leave sky textures untouched? My sky textures come from SF3D but I have sky from Envtex and would like to keep that. Is it possible to add a setting to choose the textures being synced?
  12. Yes, if you have it. Some of us don't have that at all.
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