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  1. Hello, I have followed all the indicated steps and the problem has been solved. Thank you very much! Best regards,
  2. Hi, I did the steps 1,2 and 3. The problem persist. Attached screenshots. Best regards,
  3. Hello, At first time, sorry for my bad English. I have installed a reallly fresh Windows 10 and P3D V4.2. Then I installed REX Texture Direct Enhaced. When I run it, I go to the Cofiguartion settings and when I try to select any options, I get an LOG error. (Attached). REX is installed on second HDD (D:\REX Texture Direct). I run REX like administrator. Exclusions on firewall and antivirus. Windows 10 PRO 64, P3D v4.2, REX v4.17.2017.0818 Please, anybody help my? Thanks and best regards.
  4. Downloaded and installed. All right. Thanks!!
  5. Hello, At first time, sorry becouse I speak English only a little bit. I have purchased REX4 Texture Direct and REX Soft Clouds in two differents vendors. I have both pograms up to day, but I know that exist a only one installer for both programs. Then, I can't download an only one installer becouse I have available in Simmarket only REX4 TD and I have avilable only REX SC in FSPS. Is possible download an only one installer from REX website or any other site? Thanks and best regards.
  6. Hi, I have installed SP5, downloaded from CHECK FOR UPDATE button. Testing and all correct.!! Thanks!!
  7. Hi, At first time, sorry for my bad English. I would like to install SP5 for REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. I have build 4.4.2015.0115. In this forum, on the SERVICE PACK update for SP5, I read this message: We HIGHLY recommend that you use the CHECK FOR UPDATES function built into the ABOUT screen inside of REX 4 Texture Direct. Well, I push on "Chcek for Updates" button and I recive this message: Your version of REX Texture Direct is up to date. Click OK to continue. Then, I can't install the SP5 update. Please, anybody help me? Thanks and Best Regards.
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