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    Hello I have a question. I had to format and reinstall windows. I installed REX 3 to C:\REX and now I want to install REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. Does that install into REX 3 or C:\REX4? Thanks


  2. I am just checking in to see if the issue you are experiencing has been resolved?
  3. This support topic is currently being handled via email between a customer and the developers.
  4. We have not heard back from you in regards to your issue. Has the issue you addressed been resolved?
  5. We have not heard back from you in regards to your issue. Has the issue you addressed been resolved?
  6. Can we mark this issue resolved or closed?
  7. Tom, Thanks for letting us know this issue was resolved. Also you should always open REX by right clicking and "Run as Admin" as opposed to double clicking the REX icon.
  8. Can we mark this issue resolved or closed?
  9. This should get you up to date Stewart. Just follow the prompts. http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26787-new-version-download-link-REX-auto-update-installer/ This is the link to the Overdrive upgrade. http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26708-REX-ess-plus-overdrive-service-pack-2-upgrade-for-all-builds-of-REX-essential-plus/
  10. Did you install REX to it's own folder D:\REX or into the D:\FSX folder?
  11. If this is the install wizard screen you get automatically when you insert the REX disc you can Open the disc manually and then click open the file then right click and "Run As Admin" on the setup exe. This should let you choose the install locale for REX. C:\REX James
  12. This issue has been closed by the administrator.
  13. Roman, that is why we at REX set up a default locale for REX to install into C:\REX, if you need to install REX onto another drive say F:\REX, or D:\REX, that is okay but REX has to go into it's own folder and nothing else should be installed into the REX folder. if you take it upon yourself to change this locale and install it into a common folder or install other programs into the REX folder when you try to uninstall REX everything gets uninstalled with it. at this point you will need to uninstall REX and then manually go and look for any left over REX items and delete them and make sure you empty your recycle bin as well. Then run a good registry cleaner such as Ccleaner it is free to download from the Piriform website. Once you have done this re-boot your system and reinstall REX into the default locale. As for the other items that were deleted you will have to find those and install them again on your own. James
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