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  1. Hi Federico, I tried to replicate but this time all went fine. In the meantime I had a W10 Update (KB4507453 and KB4506991) and a Nvidia driver update (431.36). It is not possible to attach the videos due to their size (taken with Microsoft Game DVR). Mark this issue as solved and should I have it again, I would come back with a thread. Thanks and regards Roland
  2. Hi, just made a longhaul flight from Seoul to Zurich with PMDG 777-300. I started the flight at 10.28 local time and landed at 2.13 local time. So I think I should have had daytime during the whole flight. But it got darker and darker maybe 3 to 4 hours before landing in Zurich, eventhough it was 10.00 zulu time. No runway nor apron lights in LSZH and so on. I have noticed this penomenon already with other but shorter flights. I recompiled the shaders, turned EF HDR on and off but nothing helped. I am attaching some screenshots to illustrate. I am using P3Dv4.5 HF1, EF, SF, Active Sky, EFB Aivlasoft and third party sceneries for RKSI and LSZH as well.
  3. I have reported this isssue since the very beginning of EF. What I get is the following message: your validation process failed -1 please contact support -1 Will this be solved with the technical update 1.1?
  4. I am running the 506 version but still have this message. Is there a solution to fix it or is it foreseen for the next hot-fix?
  5. I launch EF, AS and then P3D (in this order) but not SF (SF is only feeding the cloud and sky textures into EF). AS works fine this way and the weather in the sim is accurate. SF must not be launched when you use AS as weather engine. Hope this helps.
  6. The same here. It starts to get annoying. I try this software to get working since one week.
  7. @REXsupport: attached my logfile 20190507_092911.txt
  8. @jetbluefan: Thanks, but do not work for me. Even a restart of my PC did not solve it. Do you have a single or multi monitor setup?
  9. After update i am getting following message: validation process failed - contact support. What does this mean?
  10. I finally managed to make a 4 hours flight with workarounds here and there (shut up the sim in the primary monitor and placed the screens in the screen in that way that I was able to feed the MCDU (not FMGC as above)). But the mini-ui did not show up at all. Besides this I think its a very good and nice tool but for me a bit to bright at the moment. Look at the shots with and without HDR in the sim. I assume once I have access to the mini-ui I can disable there the HDR lightning. So far OK.
  11. Can you explain what exactly one has to do in the NVIDIA Control panel to become 1 screen? I have currently 2 monitors but I have no idea how to "make" one out of two. Many thanks for any help.
  12. Yes and no - at least I have the visuals when I drag the sim to my primary screen but no mini-ui appears. What I also have noticed is that for example when I fly with the FSLabs A320 I can not fill all the itemens into the FMGC when I enlarge it and it pop up on the left side of the screen. I have to move it to the right side and then I can fill all the data as flight no etc. Without EF it does not matter where the FMGC is placed on the screen. It seems that EF has not only problems with multiple monitors but also how it response to "windows in the window".
  13. Obviously it seems to be a question how to handle EF with 2 monitors. I found another post pointing to the "group view management" within P3Dv4 as attached. I did not really understood what Asheero had done. So, I loaded EF again and fired up the sim on my primary screen and - the black screen had disappeared. I still do not see the mini-ui but maybe if I know what to do exactly within the group view management of the sim this could be solved also. Im attaching a screen shot of EF with HDR on and a screen shot of the mentioned threa
  14. @Asheroo: What did you exactly within the view group management. I am asking because I have also P3Dv4 running not on my primary monitor and I also do not see the mini UI. Could you post a screenshot of your settings of the view group management? Any help much appreciated.
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