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  1. It did the difference my FPS went back with 10 fps - from 20 to 30 holding at a rwy. But I have not changed "Cirrus Cloud Control" to ON by myself - before update it was OFF- have the update changed it ?
  2. EXAXCTLY same weather NO EF 30 fps EF AUTO. 19 fps EF Manual 19 fps before Update no fps loss
  3. Is it possible to scroll back to version before 2.0. Now to heavy fps hit and the Black Ground with Grey sky If not delete shaders. Chris from Denmark
  4. Same problem here- went from 30 fps to 20 in a heavy airport - want to Go back to earlier version-
  5. Is it correct that I not need to start sky force when using EF- EF does All ?and find the path to SF?
  6. Yes its only when manuel light is enabled in the preset the problem occur.
  7. Enable dense cirrus overcast layer ? Do I also have to think about this option ON/OFF if using AUTOMATIC ? And what will it do compared to off mode ?
  8. Hello again... Now I went to turn off HDR in p3d options - and use it with EF, and I think it makes the screen colour really good. But my cockpit light at night seems to be too dark.. Anybody knows which Interface button that can increase the cockpit light ?
  9. Yes - when making Them with manual light no problem... but after injected preset the flashing occur.
  10. Yesterday tried make my own preset. Went to a heavy weather area- switched to enable manuel light. Made colours Dark, shadow cloud and so on- really had a good Dark theme for heavy weather. Then I saved the presets. Now everytime I load the preset I have a flashing picture like a flashlight every 5 sec..only after the loaded preset. Switching off manual light its dissapear. And also not exits if just make the preset live - until save it and load it again- my aircraft light is off and the weather is not thunderstorm ????
  11. Now had some flights and looked around in EF. Will the automatic mode be reduced in light - in a near hotfix, because I really find it too bright, Sky/cloud?
  12. Works now Do I have to install PTA. ini after everytime I load my sim with EF ?
  13. Have I overseen anything ? 1. Starts EF ang press manual 2.Starts sim- holding at runway and my UI mini interface open. 3. Launch PTA and open ini.file and apply. 4. ReCompile p3d shader in EF - 5. Screen gets black and after about 15 seconds my flight seems to be ready- But nothing visuals seems to be changed ????
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