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  1. Hello I posted about 10 days ago the following but became ill and was unable to use the computer until today. The post was closed due to non response by me: "How can one determine which version of WX Advantage Radar one has installed? I updated to latest version which included update 6 from FSPilotshop but I was trying to determine the version today (after it had been installed a week or so ago ). Thanks Jack" Thanks for the response indicating that I do have the latest version ...update 6 installed but the question was not answered. How can I tell which version I have installed? Is there a file I can open and quickly see which version is installed? Suppose down the road, for some reason, I want to know what version I have installed because I don't remember the latest version/update installed ..... to prevent installing again when not necessary or installing as needed. Thanks Jack
  2. How can one determine which version of WX Advantage Radar one has installed? I updated to latest version which included update 6 from FSPilotshop but I was trying to determine the version today (after it had been installed a week or so ago ). Thanks Jack
  3. Ahhh... I feel a little silly...... thanks for the response gets. Jack
  4. Hello All was working great a week ago but now when I run Essentials W/OD for P3D V4.2 the P3Dv4.2 closes after the injecting weather text appears on the monitor window in game. I ran a different weather engine as a troubleshooter and it worked fine. The only thing new to my program is I installed several free Orbx airports using FTX Central. I did a P3D repair through the uninstall option in the Windows Control Panel but no help. Windows10, Nvidia 1080ti, d/l latest driver from yesterday did not help. Any ideas to try and solve this issue. Jack
  5. Hello I have installed REX Essentials + Overdrive HD v 3.8.2014.1126 and licensed for FSX and P3D. I just checked the Updates Section in this forum and it gives an update to 3.8.2014.1211. It states" In addition, this only applies to early adopters of SP3 (those who installed the SP3 before December 12). If you installed SP3 AFTER December 12 you do NOT need to install this hotfix and it will fail to install. I don't recall when I updated. Should I try to install or not. Thanks for any support Jack
  6. Will do but It may have to wait a few days because I will have to take my computer to a computer store ( 30 minute drive ) to download ...my internet is very slow and capped at 15 G a month with extra charges if that is exceeded. Downloading is a pain.
  7. Thanks very much for the help timest999. Jack
  8. Hello I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to computers and in this case installing Essentials. I could use some direction please. I have just purchased a new computer and I want to install REX essentials with overdrive plus. I have the latest version on my old computer. Could someone point me in the correct direction or steps as to how to get this program on my new computer; such as, which version should be installed first, second etc. and where to find the versions. Thanks Jack
  9. I should mention if it was not clear that I don't even have to turn on the WX radar for the rain to stop. I just have to select it from the view menu. Thanks for any help Jack
  10. No change ......I have clouds and fog but no precipitation. I used the slew mode to move to yellow and red areas. Then disabled the slew mode....but no rain or snow. I used both inside and outside views. To get rain or snow back I must end the flight and start again. Pouring down hard ...start WX Radar and rain freezes.
  11. I just downloaded and installed the latest update and still no falling rain. I am selecting rainy weather, start the flight(FSX) ...rain falling all around. Start the c172(default). Rain stops immediately when I open the WX radar.
  12. Hello. Thanks for the suggestion but I wouldn't expect to see rain if I was not in a precipitation area. My plane is already in the precipitation zone when I start up. Rain falling all around me. I then open the WX Radar and the rain stops... freezes... meaning it stops falling but the runway still looks wet.
  13. Hello Using FSX. Triple monitors, radeon HD 6950 Windows 7, eyefinity, Intel(R) core (TM) i7 2600 CPU @3.4GHZ 4 core, 8 logical pr Program installed ok. Selecting either in game weather themes or using FSrealWXlite. No matter which plane is used as soon as WX Radar is selected in the view menu any precipitation stops ...ie.. falling rain, snow. Clouds still move. FSX is still functioning, the wx radar seems to be working ok but it would be nice to still see the falling rain or snow. Any ideas Jack Order #860552 WX Advantage Radar
  14. Hello Installed the WX radar and something went wrong so I deleted it and tried to install again but now receiving " info do not match records " when trying to run the installation software. I did another download and tried to install again but same error.
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